The Fight Voice…the Beginning

“Ding Ding Ding”…

“Making its way to the ring for their Blog Debut. Hailing from the mean streets of San Diego and bringing with them a flawless record of unofficial sports writing…THE FIGHT VOICE!!!!!”

Fight freaks, casual fight fans and everyone in between, we welcome you to The Fight Voice, a fresh new blog that provides the latest breaking news from the fight world, raw upfront opinions about everything Boxing and MMA and real-life stories about how the fight game became an important part of our sports consumption.

So how did The Fight Voice become real?

Well, it started years back when my cohort and I realized that we are flat-out done with the mainstream team sports, the greed and wealth of its players and the arrogant behaviors of the people running the organizations. Oh and the fact that our teams never win anything and we still throw our support behind them getting no satisfaction in return may have played a role in all of this. Enter MMA and Boxing. We have been big fans since the beginning. More than 20 years back in fact. But our consumption of MMA and Boxing continued to be blocked by some of the hoopla that surrounded both sports. For boxing it was the perception that the sport was dead. For MMA it was the fact that nobody could turn it into an organized, entertaining product. Well, both those things have changed for the better. And today both sports couldn’t be more alive. And for that we are grateful.

But that wasn’t the official start of this little thing we are calling The Fight Voice. It was recently that we attended a live MMA event in San Diego and were more than impressed with the event, the promotion and most importantly the fighters. We couldn’t get enough and we wanted an opportunity to analyze the fights, recap the events and in the end….give the local Fight Game in San Diego….a Voice.

It is not going to be an easy start. Writing online is an uphill battle. But we don’t care. This is a passion project for us. And we intend to keep it that way.

The Fight Voice wont simply regurgitate news from other sports outlets. Or post articles with endless stats and no personality. In fact you will get just the opposite.

We plan to cover everything UFC, Boxing and Muay That. Look out for some upcoming posts related to The Ultimate Fighter Nations and a personal account of our trip to the local MMA event in San Diego.

In addition, a two-piece article about the upcoming Manny Pacquiao – Timothy Bradley rematch will be posted under our Boxing section soon.

But in the end, our vision is as follows: We want the Fight Voice to capture the local fight scene in San Diego, California by giving well-deserved exposure to the fighters, gyms, trainers and promotions. We are going to watch fights, consume the product firsthand and then give an unbiased review of how the fight game in San Diego is second to no other city in the country.

To get there however, we need you. We are calling on all fight freaks to give us a follow, send us a message and just give us some feedback. Let’s face it. We are going to get knocked to the canvas a few times as we enter this arena. But we plan to get up and punch back.

And without further ado….THE FIGHT VOICE!!!!!!!

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