The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale

The UFC flew north across the border to Quebec, Canada on Wednesday, April 16 for a loaded card of preliminary fights, a barnburner in the Featherweight division, The Ultimate Fighter Finale and one main event with title implications.

I hope you had time to watch it all. And if you were on the West Coast good luck catching it live as the event kicked off as I was returning from my lunch break.

The Fight Voice is here to break it all down for you. Enjoy.

Bout #1 – Main Card
Dustin Poirier v Akira Corassani
These two animals engaged in a fast-paced slugfest that had both men hurt badly at different times in round 1. Poirier demonstrated why the talk is real and his future in the UFC has no ceiling and Corassani took the hardest fight on the board and turned it into a toss-up. Corassani landed a huge straight right-hand in the first that left Poirier wincing for the remainder of the round. However, in round 2 Poirier found a hole in Corassani’s guard landing a looping uppercut to the nose followed by additional blows to the ear and head. Corasanni balled up and the fight ended in the begging portion of round 2.

Main Event & TUF Finale Nations
The Ultimate Fighter Nations season came to an end last night…and thank God. What should be renamed The Ultimate Fight Nation (ONE COUNTRY!), the Canadians nearly wiped the slate clean by sending four fighters to the finale. In an attempt to save the Aussie reputation, Kyle Noke also stepped into the cage with Patrick Cote. And finally, loudmouth Michael Bisping faced off against American hero Tim Kennedy. Stay tuned for a great piece from one of our Fight Voice writers about these two fighters.

TUF Nations Finale:
Chad Laprise v Olivier Aubin-Mercier
Laprise showed off some serious skills and cage management as he stayed focused, composed and was constantly pressuring the perceived heir to George St. Pierre, Olivier Aubin-Mercier. The fight didn’t have the flash of previous bouts involving the two fighters, but it did show that Laprise has what it takes to be a solid, middle of the road UFC fighter. Laprise walked away with a decision victory, the trophy and a six-figure contract.

Sheldon Westcott v Elias Theodorou
The most impressive part of Westcott’s performance was how fact he ran to the ring. Other than that, he showed nothing that would leave me to believe he has a future in the UFC. Theodorou on the other hand looked impressive, backed up his talk and even said “Hi Mom!” while finishing off Westcott. Elias Theodorou should be around for a few years in the UFC and I expect to see him on some undercards going forward.

Co-Main Event
Patrick Cote v Kyle Noke
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ………Cote wins. Noke adds another loss to the Aussie record. Let’s move on.

Main Event
Michael Bisping v Tim Kennedy
American hero and rising star Tim Kennedy faced shit-talking Michael Bisping in what had all the build-up and included two guys who truly hate each other. The press conferences ended and the Twitter battles were put on the backburner as Bisping ate Kennedy’s best shots, showed some flashes of his prime and lost a decision to Kennedy. While a victory is always the end goal, Tim Kennedy was disappointed that he wasn’t able to end the fight and acknowledged the Bisping was a warrior. Great, another instance of two fighters falling in love once the scorecards are read. The future of Tim Kennedy is bright as he continues to fine tune his game. For Michael Bisping all roads may lead to the end.

Quick Hits – Preliminaries:
1. Dustin Kimura v George Roop

The preliminary bout kicked the night off with a solid back and forth between ground specialist Dustin Kimura and UFC veteran George Roop. Roop controlled the action and was relentless as he cruised to an interesting judge’s decision (29-28, 29-26 and 30-27)

2. Ryan Jimmo v Sean O’Connell
TUF 8 contender Sean O’Connell was making his UFC debut against Canadian monster Ryan Jimmo and it didn’t last very long. O’Connell who was completely outmatched ate a massive over-hand right from Jimmo and hit the canvas like a sack of wet sand. Jimmo recorded a round 1 KO.

3. Leslie Smith v Sarah Kaufman
The women squared off in the third bout and proceeded to do their best impression of two drunk sailors swinging at will, often times appearing as they had been taking shots of Fireball in between rounds, somehow staying on their feet and keeping their hair intact. If I was there I would have but them a nightcap because they were going to need it. Kaufman wins on all scorecards via decision.

4. K.J. Noons v Sam Stout
Hometown star Sam Stout was a huge favorite against UFC veteran K.J. Noons who as of late was considered to be close to retirement. It appears K.J. didn’t agree with the talking heads as he used his boxing skills to land a swift, hard right to Stout’s chin dropping him instantly. A thudding punch followed as Stout was on his back. The referee tackled Noons off of Stout, who then preceded to single-leg the referee while slightly unconscious. Noons saves face and his career for the time being.

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