TUF 19 – Episode 1

The new season of TUF kicked off this week and brought with it a new energy from the snooze fest we witnessed on TUF Nations. Add UFC legend, B.J. Penn and banger Frankie Edgar to the picture and you have the makings of a fun season. Dana White introduced the season as Light Heavyweights and Middleweights. And boy are their some beasts on t his cast.

Daniel Spohn v Tyler King
Spohn came out strong against inexperienced Tyler King, who came at Spohn way too fast with bad defense. Spohn quickly countered King with a huge right hand that sent the ex-NFL player into the mat like an anvil. It was scary for a moment as King came too. Spohn advances.

Adrian Miles v Hector Urbina
Unassuming ground specialist Hector Urbina showed some serious skills on the mat and leaned on his wrestling background to secure an easy victory of Adrian Miles. A true ground guy, Urbina, can be a guy to watch out for this season.

Jake Heun v Todd Monaghan
This fight had a little bit of everything as the back and forth action was worth the price of admission. Monaghan was given a brief opening while in the guard and pulled an arm bar on Heun submitting him quickly.

Roger Zapata v Tyler Minton
This fight went the distance and turned into a bloodbath as Zapata hit Minton at will. It is unclear if his power his there, but he is a very consistent striker.

Lyman Good v Ian Stephenson
Former Strikeforce Champion Lyman Good was worked over by Ian Stephenson with little issue. Stephenson was not impressed by the Strikeforce veteran and made it known to Dana White following his victory.

Josh Stansbury v Chris Fields
In what some would consider the fight of the night Stansbury was stopped, not by Fields, but by a freak injury in which it appears that he blew out his knee. The Ohio native and state wrestling champ was unlucky as he appeared to be winning the fight. The luck of the Irish gets Chris Fields into the house and sends Stansbury wondering what could have been.

Anton Berzin v Cody Mumma
I am not sure what I exactly saw happen in this fight as it appeared that Mumma didn’t really belong on this telecast. Berzin, a BJJ expert, went to work on the ground and pulled off an impressive submission. Given his high-caliber BJJ it would be wise to put some money on Berzin making it to the end.

Tim Williams v Bojan Velickovic
Hot girlfriend alert! I repeat hot girlfriend alert! Well, it appears that Bojan should have said “no” to his girlfriend who immediately tried to get the cameras out of the room so they could have some special time…because Bojan basically quit while standing as Williams battered him against the cage. Williams moves on. Bojan gets the best consolation prize possible.

Matt Gabel v Eddie Gordon
We found out quickly that Eddie Gordon has cinder blocks attached to his arms as he abused Gabel with no remorse. Gordon is a physical freak, but as we all know that doesn’t necessarily translate into victories in the UFC.

John Poppie v Josh Clark
Clark by arm bar. Next.

Patrick Walsh v Doug Sparks
Patrick Walsh, Boston native and Ohio State University wrestler hunted, killed and stuffed a polar bear last night. Doug Sparks who wears polar bear ears was…am I really writing this sentence? Walsh moves on. Sparks goes back into hibernation. Do polar bears hibernate? Good christ. Another lap barkeep!

Corey Anderson v Kelly Anundson
Anderson (Cory) moves on to the house.

Dhiego Lima v Adam Stroup
Lima wins.

Nordine Taleb v Mike King
The final fight was a brawl as Frenchman Taleb and bar-brawling rockstar King traded shot after shot, demonstrated some good ground game and gave it their all. King wins a decision and lives another day.

*Note: Cathal Pendred from Ireland proceeded through to the house after no having to fight due to an injury issue that was not very clear.
After the fights the teams were picked. Team Edgar and Team Penn are listed below.

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Light Heavyweight
Corey Anderson
Patrick Walsh
Matt Van Buren
Todd Monaghan

Ian Stephens
Dhiego Lima
Eddie Gordon
Hector Urbina


Light Heavyweight
Anton Berzin
Josh Clark
Daniel Spohn
Chris Fields

Mike King
Tim Williams
Cathal Pendred
Roger Zapata

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