The Ultimate Fighter 19 Penn v Edgar – Episode 2, Fight #1

Gathal Pendred (Penn) v Hector Urbina (Edgar)

The second episode of TUF Penn-Edgar, which saw middleweights Gathal Pendred and Hector Urbina square off in the Octagon, kicked off the season with some real excitement. After moving into the house and beginning their respective training sessions team Penn looked to Gathal Pendred to bring the blue team their first victory.

Both teams introduced their coaching staffs for the season and lucky for diehard UFC fans they will get to see the legendary Mark Coleman as part of BJ Penn’s team for the season. And it still looks like Mark can get in there and roll if he needed too.

An early analysis of Cathal Pendred showed some serious all around talent with an emphasis on striking. Penn consistently spoke to Pendred through the cage about applying pressure and being relentless in an attempt to take Urbina, a well-known wrestler, out of his game. When watching Hector Urbina train and hearing his story you instantly think of a guy who has nothing to lose. It is apparent his heart is there and his wrestling skills are dominant, however, when watching his standup you can see some small holes in his game. That may not mean much for this fight as both guys have the potential to turn the bout into a barrage of haymakers with the stronger chin being the difference maker.

The weigh-in provided some good entertainment as both fighters gave us the best stare down I have seen in years. The long stare down ended with Urbina chanting in Spanish and Pendred walking away with a giggle.

Round 1: The great thing about MMA is you can never predict what is going to happen. Pendred, who is physically more imposing than Urbina, used good take down defense in the early part of round 1 before being dropped by a series of short strikes by Urbina. While Urbina did not appear to have the hands to put Pendred down we soon found out that he can pack a punch. The round continued with some good back and forth as Pendred was able to recover, throw punches and put Urbina in some serious trouble. Both guys laid it on the line in round one and it showed as both guys slowly walked back to their corners.

Round 2: The action continued with some striking to start the round until Pendred was given the window for a takedown. He laid on Urbina the entire round with some short breaks where Urbina was able to get to his feet. Pendred had some questionable knees to the head while Urbina was grounded that drew the attention of Edgar and caused Steve Mazagatti to warn Pendred going into the third round.

Round 3 Sudden Death: The third and final round proved to be more of the same as Pendred was able to neutralize Urbina’s game plan by taking him to the ground and tiring Urbina out. Urbina was gassed the entire round and showed one or two glimpses of promise until he was taken down once again. Urbina just didn’t have the cardio to get it done and he loses an easy decision to Cathal Pendred.

Team Penn retained the fight pick and selected light heavyweight Daniel Spohn to face off against Todd Monaghan in episode 2 airing next Wednesday.

Check back next week at THE FIGHT VOICE for TUF 19 recaps and discussion.


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