Random Thoughts from The Ultimate Fighter 19, Episode 2

First off, I just want to clarify that when I post, you’re not going to get a whole lot of in-depth fight analysis. I don’t possess a deep X’s and O’s-type knowledge of the sport. What you’ll get from me is primarily just my observant take on the fights and fighters.

With that being said, let’s dive into TUF Episode 2. This episode featured a bout between middleweights Cathal Pendred from Team Penn and Hector Urbina from Team Edgar.

Early on, Urbina seemed like a good dude. He was winning over his teammates and the audience with sappy stories about his little brother’s high school football career, but at the weigh-ins just came off as a prick. Both fighters were repping garb from their respective nations – Ireland and Mexico. The whole nation pride thing is cool, and it’s even cooler when both fighters participate.

But Urbina just went full asshole and started shouting at Pendred for no apparent reason that I could see. Pump your brakes guy! However, it is kinda funny, there was more national competition in that one weigh-in than there was in the whole season of Ultimate Fighter Nations. Hey-O!

In the first round Urbina had Pendred on the proverbial ropes. He rocked Pendred early on and you could tell Pendred was dazed. Pendred was able to stave off defeat at that moment, and it was clear that Urbina was tired.

Early in the Second round Pendred took Urbina to the ground with a takedown, but you could tell he was gassed too. Pendred landed a lot of knees to Urbina, some of them questionable. The fight went to a third round and, in the end, Pendred ground out a hard fought victory by decision.

I guess the whole point of my soapboxing is, #1 don’t be a jerk. And #2, if you do, then make sure you win.

What’s really ruining my life is that fact that Fox Sports 1 can’t seem to get their timing right so my DVR doesn’t record the last 3 minutes of the show and I have to hunt around for a rerun on the nether-channels of DirecTV. First World Problems I guess.

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