The Rock Church and Epic Fighting Lends its Support to San Diego military community

The Rock Church is a fixture in the San Diego area. You’re probably aware of the huge role the church plays in the community with its various outreach programs and ministries. What you probably didn’t know was that The Rock Church is also involved in the local mixed martial arts community as well.

On Saturday May 3, the Rock Church hosted Epic Fighting’s Battle For The Troops 2 at Liberty Station. The event was a unique collaboration of religion and martial arts that was also for a good cause as a portion of proceeds for the event went to benefit local military outreach in San Diego.

There were twelve amateur MMA fights, with the octagon constructed on the church’s main stage. Pastor Tommy Moseley of The Rock Church kicked off the event with a quick introduction and later explained why mixed martial arts plays a vital role in his life.

“I get to be able to share the hope with the community I love so much. I always loved the fight community, and it’s only got a little clique and really there is no way in unless you fight. A lot of these fighters unless you train at their gym they don’t really let you in…there are no fans that just come and hang out.”

Moseley also believes there is a deeper connection as well; one that ties together both of his passions – religion and martial arts. “Martial arts come from spiritual background if you look at all of the eastern philosophies, so it’s good to put a different spiritual component into it,” said Moseley.

Moseley, who trains in Jiu Jitsu himself, believes that the positive influence martial arts can bring to youth is extraordinary. It is refreshing to see Pastor Moseley and The Rock Church working together with Epic Fighting to promote the martial arts community in San Diego as well as benefiting a worthy and noble cause.

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