The Ultimate Fighter 19 Penn v Edgar – Episode 5, Fight #4

You know what they say about confidence: If you don’t have it, then fake it. Personally I think this is B.S., and I think tonight’s episode strengthened my argument. This episode featured a bout between two Light Heavyweight fighters – Josh Clark from Team Penn and Cory Anderson from Team Edgar. For Clark, confidence (or lack thereof) would be a major theme. The results (*Spoiler Alert*) would indicate that confidence is something you either have, or you don’t. You can’t fabricate that shit.

Several episodes ago, the Powers That Be at TUF used the magic of editing to make it appear that a fracture was forming in Team Edgar. After securing their first win in Episode 4, it appears that Team Edgar is starting to hit its groove. You can definitely see the momentum swinging in Team Edgar’s favor.

Penn and his coaches are concerned that they are overtraining their fighters and not giving them enough rest time. The coaches stressed the importance of letting the fighters’ bodies recover, so they wouldn’t get gassed in the first round. Another concern for the coaches, however, would be Clark’s mindset heading into the fight.

The way the leadership at Team Penn described it, Clark gets inside his head too much. Hey, I think we are all guilty of it at times, so I’m not gonna eat the guy’s lunch for that. In fact, I sympathize with him. He tries to way overthink his opponent, to the point where it’s paralyzing to him, and before he knows it, he’s lost his advantage. Rather than relying on instincts or his training, he starts doubting himself and his strategy, causing himself to get lost within his own mind.

This proved disastrous for Clark as Anderson won both rounds (dominated the second round) and scored himself a victory by unanimous decision. Clark went the distance, but looked like he was tentative throughout. At the end of the day, Anderson got the W and Team Edgar has now evened the score.

Next week’s episode has been hyped as the most controversial episode of the show to date, and I feel like I’ve already seen it, because TUF and Fox Sports 1 pretty much showed us the whole thing on the previews for next week. What it boils down to is that one of the fighters was throwing illegal elbows, gets docked a point, but still wins the fight. No drama, no mystery. Thanks TUF. You just ruined Christmas for me (kidding).

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