The Ultimate Fighter 19, Penn vs Edgar – Episode 6, Fight #5

Matt’s Take

So when we first started TheFightVoice we sat down, had some drinks and laid out a vision. As part of that plan we decided that a great story to follow at the onset would be the new season of The Ultimate Fighter – Penn v Edgar. Naturally, it would be a good opportunity to provide the UFC fans with weekly updates of what was happening on the show – both in the house and in the ring. Would you agree that the plan had good intentions?

It’s funny because as the last few episodes came to a close I would sit behind my computer and struggle to pull anything remotely entertaining out of the episode. I mean, it is easy to recap the fight and the one piece of drama from the house, but is that really adding value to the vision that is TheFightVoice?

And then, last week as I was recapping the episode and having some belts suddenly my head fell forward as if someone just clubbed me to the back of the head with tire iron. What the hell? Oh, that was just me falling asleep at my computer because it is nearly impossible and somewhat painful to recap these fights.

Then I thought…is Jerry going through this same exercise? How do we spice this up? My answer to myself was – Let’s make it an open discussion, or better yet a no-holds barred rant between the two of us that could end up being god awful…or somewhat genius. You always go with the latter. Going with the latter is like doubling down on 11. You just don’t think about it. You just do it.

I have to say I have been intrigued by what ‘may’ happen in this episode for a few days now. But haven’t we already figured it out? I mean the preview from last week’s episode wasn’t leaving much to the imagination. I mean, Dana, can I get a little “spoiler alert” warning next time?

Also, I have a beef with the world right now. Man, I love Twitter. It is a necessary evil at times, but good lord it can just ruin your night if you are committed to watching your favorite shows on the DVR. Full disclosure, thanks to Twitter I already know who wins. And I am kind of mad about it.

Matt Hughes. Wow! Haven’t seen that cat in sometime now. I don’t know if you remember or not, but I think one of the first parties you came to at my place was the night our dear friend Dan choked out our roommate on the kitchen table and Matt Hughes submitted the legendary Royce Gracie. Is that correct? Or have I been over-served by myself?

So Roger Zapata, the guy who just ripped wrestlers on last week’s episode is “wrestling” with Matt Hughes in practice. Can I have Irony for $500 Alex?

This is one thing that makes MMA so intriguing. To think that there are more than seven or eight marital arts mixed into MMA and that there is nobody that can truly perfect all of them. It’s amazing.

I am not sure I need the close-up on these one-on-one interviews. I mean, Zapata’s face is right there. I feel like he is close to kissing me. Good lord. Is that necessary?

Ian Stephens seems like a cool dude. Not that it really matters, but i think i am cheering for Stephens

Ok, Roger, relax. Cartwheels into the Octagon? Really?

When I think of MMA and fighting there are certain sponsors that make sense. O’Reilly Autoparts? Yes, makes sense. Metro PCS? Ok, I can buy it. NOS Energy drink? 100% Budweiser? Absolutely. But I am having a hard time with KFC and Smith and Forged Hard Cider being major sponsors to the UFC. I really don’t like it. Fried chicken and Cider? I am sure it is delicious, but come on.

End of round 1. Mazagatti is all over the downward elbow. It is such a fine line I am not so sure about the call by Mazagatti. Stephens clearly managed the round and successfully made two takedowns, but he didn’t do anything else really. At least Zapata was able to land some shots from his back. I guess I have the round 10-9 Stephens, but I am not exactly confident with that score. I don’t think Zapata won in outright though.

God, Frankie Edgar has looked so frusturated this entire season. I am sure it is hard to hear when you are in the middle of a fight, but man, Edgar is trying his best to be a coach.

Did you know Edgar is good friends with JWOWW from the Jersey Shore? No joke.

Ok Dana, I am ready for the controversy. This fight is BBBBBOOOORRRRIINNNNGGGG…..

How it is that Stephens is incapable of sinking in a choke after having the back of a non-wrestler for over 2 minutes? I am concerned now.

Ok, so Zapata gets handled all of round 2 and you would assume that Stephens took the first. I don’t know. I have this fight over right now at 20-18 Stephens. Was it the first or second round they gave Zapata?

So Dana agrees with the judges right now? I don’t. He thinks Zapata won that round?

By the way, kudos to Dana for being able to pull off the suit sans tie. You see I have an irregular sized neck and I overheat easy so I would kill for the opportunity to throw every tie I own in the trash. Ridding the world of neck ties is my life’s mission.

So the third round is about to start. Let me make a prediction for you. The fight is tied right now. Zapata gets penalized a point for downward elbows and somehow wins. Is that it? Ok, I can go to bed now.

This downward elbow ordeal is very sketchy. I have seen blatant downward elbows where a guy goes straight down from north to south and I would agree that is illegal. But he was coming from his side and going to his hip. I am not sure that is downward. Such an iffy call.

So that was crazy. How does that happen? Even if you arent an expert at the 10 point scoring system I am sure you could make a pretty good determination that the point taken away from Zapata in the sudden death round would certainly give the fight to Stephens.

Geez, Mazagatti. And now he mixed the names announced Ian Zapatta as the winner? Lets try this again Steve.

How is Zapata able to make light of this? He stole a victory.

Wow. So Dana lays it out and gives some information on how the scores played out. That is ridiculous. Who the hell was watching that fight?


Well, this was fun. I can’t wait to see how this little experiment turns out Jerry!

Jerry’s Take

Matt, I couldn’t agree more my friend. It’s time we give our loyal readers a little insight into our thought process. A little peek behind the curtain, if you will.

Ah yes, that awkward moment when you realize you’ve insulted all of the other team’s wrestlers, and they’re vastly superior to you in that discipline. Good call Zapata.

There’s some really intelligent conversations taking place in this household. I think I just witnessed the greatest conversation-ender ever: “I’ve got to take a fat s**t.” Stay classy, TUF House!

So let me get this straight, the Team Penn fighters insulted wrestling. Then UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes comes in as a guest coach. And what does Hughes come in and teach them? Yep. Wrestling. Tell me how that crow tastes.

Ok Matt, I couldn’t agree more about the sponsorships and that obnoxious KFC room. It’s like some commercialized artery-clogging knockoff of The Real World confessionals. Seriously, WTF does “#HowDoYouKFC” mean???

Ohhhhh great. The obligatory “Ole” chant from Team Penn. Kill me.

I found the Stephens whisper to Edger “was that my round?” creepy. Thoughts? For some reason I had flashbacks to awful Katherine Heigl Rom-Coms. You hear that Team Penn?? No more whispering sweet nothings into each others ears!

Round 3!! Dana loves it. Like a kid on Christmas.

Hammer Fists!!! Love ’em. I just got heart palpitations

Ok BJ Penn’s assistant coach is a maniac. He sounds like a demon. Seriously terrifying.

And this is what happens when you let T-1000 referee these fights. We all should have listened to John Connor.

YEESSSSS Angry Dana White!! Hulk Smash! I like how he’s playing the role of camp counselor/school principal/dorm R.A.

Ok I totally understand the KFC Couch now, because Dana’s rant against Mazzagatti looked like a scene straight from Real World.

“Elbows All Day!!” come on Zapata. You know that’s a sketchy win. Let’s be just a little bit humble here.

Alright Matt, there’s my stream of consciousness diary from TUF 19, Episode 6. Enjoy you crazy son of a gun!

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