TUF Episode 6 – Walsh V Berzin

Welcome back to The Fight Voice chatter about this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter. We hope you can sit back, relax and take it all in…

Jerry: Well, last week was our inaugural running conversation on The Ultimate Fighter. I can’t confirm that anyone liked it, but come on, how couldn’t they? It’s a rare combo of the UFC and our razor-sharp wit. Let’s do this!

Matt: I am fairly certain we set the blogosphere on fire Jerry. In the words of Notorious B.I.G., “Sky’s the Limit.”

Jerry: This episode pits Team Penn’s top pick Anton Berzin against Team Edgar’s brawler from Beantown Patrick Walsh.

Matt: So I am at a crossroads here. I believe Pat Walsh wrestled at THE Ohio State University and you know as well as anyone that being an OSU alumni goes a long way with me. I have to root for the Buckeye, right? But, he is from Boston and Boston sports teams have made my life as a Cleveland fan hell for 10 years now. Just wait, there is a tiebreaker Jerry. He is a fisherman! As an avid fan of tuna fishing, National Geographic’s show ‘Wicked Tuna’ and our dear friend Dead Joe, I hereby proclaim that I am rooting for “Fat Pat.”

Jerry: So is there any way this episode lives up to the hype of last week? I mean, did TUF set the
bar too high? It’s like hooking up with Kate Upton. After that, is anything else in life exciting?

Matt: Great question. I feel like this episode wont live up to it, but I also don’t think the season is lost. Last’s week episode was an anomaly. And even than it’s not like we were surprised by last week’s episode, right? I mean Fox Sport 1 did a fine job of spoiling that episode 5 days prior to it airing.

Jerry: Strike that!! It’s become Hell’s Kitchen in there!! Eddie Gordon does NOT like the decision from last week’s fight and he’s taking out his frustrations culinary-style.

Matt: I am loving the kitchen fight right now. I think the following happened that led to the altercation:

Eddie Gordon: “Who used all the goddamn canola oil! That is my canola oil!

Rest of the House: “Bro, try using some olive oil it is better for you and has a higher boiling point…”

(A fight then occurs which sees Eddie Gordon slapping Roger Zapata with a wooden spatula)

Jerry: Yeah, Zapata acted a fool last week. Can’t deny that.

Matt: Agree. It is hard to knock him for being excited though. I mean what is he supposed to do? These guys need to maintain a level of confidence and he would be foolish to try and convince himself he really lost the fight. As Dana always says, “don’t leave it in the hand of the judges…”

Jerry: Don’t know why, but I LOL’d when Dhiego Lima called the other team stupid.

Matt: I LOL’d the entire first 20 minutes of the episode. Is this an episode of Modern Family or TUF?

Jerry: Ok, they’re painting Pat Walsh to be the village idiot. They’re just setting us up right? He’s really like Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting and is secretly a genius. I have my conspiracy theories…

Matt: He is like a combination of Matt Damon and John Snow from Game of Thrones. Remember when the Stark brothers would rip on Snow for being a bastard child? And all of a sudden (SPOILER ALERT) Ned loses his dome, the youngest one gets thrown from a bell tower by an incest couple, the matriarch of the family gets a Columbian necktie and the first son gets murdered by a character that slightly resembles Mr. Burns from the Simpsons… But John Snow is still alive fighting his ass off. Can we call Pat Walsh, Pat Snow from here on out?

Jerry: Alright, ol’ Pat is growing on me. I like what he’s saying. At least he knows who he’s fighting, even if it’s the other team’s top pick. Not sure how this fight’s going to turn out, but if Pat prevails, he seems like a guy you can throw your support behind and feel good about it.

Matt: Agree I am turning into a big Fat Pat fan. He kind of reminds me of me a little bit. He has the blubber going around the midsection while still maintaining a broad chest. I feel like he would be cool to get some beers and a meatball sub with.

Jerry: Anton is one cocky mofo, eh? Never been to a decision yet. Impressive. He’s the modern-day, ultimate fighting Ivan Drago. #calledit. But he is really talking himself up. He better lock this thing up or else he’s gonna have Pat re-enacting the “How do you like them apples” scene in the Octagon.

Matt: As fast as Pat Snow is growing on me, Anton is ‘anti-growing’ me…? Not a word I am certain. English is tough. I wanted to like him. He has the physical look of a fighter, length, size, and his grappling skills look to be ridiculous. The guy looks like a star.

Jerry: The argument during the UFC Brazil viewing…awkward. But I’m not gonna lie, I live for this drama. Show me anyone who doesn’t, and I’ll show you a liar, sir.

Matt: It is good. I usually hate the house antics, but this is actually turning out good. I am also having a hard time listening to the Irish dude. I just don’t like his constant bickering.

Jerry: Damn I like Walsh! “I get on top and I don’t stop.” I just screamed, “That’s what she said!” no less than 6 times. And you better believe I’m filing that one away for use later.

Matt: (nodding)

Jerry: Daniel Spohn, your punishment for not playing nice with the others is banishment to the KFC room. Seriously, how do you KFC, Daniel?

Matt: Haha best quote ever. Can I tell you a true story? This is embarrassing. I had KFC for dinner last night…Yep that’s right damnit Dana you got me!

Jerry: Did I just see in the commercials that they made a new Wolfenstein video game? I just had flashbacks to 1994 on my family’s IBM that weighed about 175 lbs. and took up half a city block.

Matt: 1994 was a solid year. I actually got into my first fist fight in 1994 under the willow tree on Bauerdale Drive with someone who I will call “Dan.” Coincidentally, I used an IBM tower to end the fight. Joking. But that would have been an awesome way to end the fight.

Jerry: Ok, first round begins and we are immediately on the mat. They wasted no time.

Matt: I enjoyed the first round. As someone who appreciates the arts of wrestling and grappling that round had a very good flow of back and forth ground action. These two guys are good on the ground. And the throw by Walsh was impressive. I think that he hurt Berzin on the landing.

Jerry: Snap!! That takedown by Walsh was nasty!! Pat getting some shots in.

Jerry: Round 2 – another takedown by Walsh. Anton isn’t doing anything. Walsh dominating. Anton gets out and looks like he tries to set up the arm bar, but no dice. Walsh throwing punches – and that’s what Dana likes! And we are going to a 3rd round.

Matt: You could argue that Walsh took the first round and the second, which would end the fight. However, I had Berzin winning the first round slightly. I am telling you Berzin was hurt by that throw from Walsh. Going to a third.

Jerry: Round 3 – Walsh scores another takedown, ground and pound in progress. I have been totally underwhelmed by Anton. My roomie just joked that Pat’s gonna celebrate with a big Hoagie. Showing my geographical prowess, I said he’d throw in a lobster and some chowder as well (and yeah I used a horrible Boston accent).

Matt: A hoagie sounds good right about now. I am not as witty today because there are no cocktails being consumed. I had a rough weekend in Vegas. Your roomie was spot on maybe we should ask her to join in on this once in a while as a special guest. I think Fat Pat Snow would certainly go for a lobster roll in that scenario. Berzin didn’t look the same after the first round. I was pulling for him because he looks the part, but turns out he just didn’t have it.

Also, can I just say that I love Mark Coleman. You may not know this but I watched UFC 1 and have seen several cards where Coleman just dominated dudes. Yeah, that’s right. And we are now on UFC 174? Crazy. Back in the day the UFC videos were on tape delay and then put on VHS. We had a local video rental store in my hometown (also have I told you that I created NetFlix back in like 1992 – a story for another day) that had the UFC videos in the adult section of the store. My friends and I would draw straws to see who was going in for the quick grab before bolting out of the store. And I am officially old. Let’s move on.

Jerry: Ha! My roommate wants Team Penn to start up their Ole, Ole, Ole chant. Priceless.

Matt: Another “roomie” appearance. This person must be a saint to not only live with you but to sit near you while you watch TUF and frantically take notes.

Jerry: Welp Anton, we hardly knew ya. Pat, congrats, ya jabroni.

Matt: Fat Pat Snow! I mean Walsh!

Jerry: Next fight: Eddie Gordon (Team Edgar) vs. Mike King (Team Penn). Eddie Gordon is an instigator in the house, so I have high hopes for this one.

Matt: It is throwback Thursday on the radio station I am listening to and they just played some old Eric Clapton. I am not sure our audience knows who Clapton is, but Mike King looks like Clapton when he was in Cream. Unreal. King is my new guy. It looks like he could still go on tour with .38 Special and Bad Company.

Jerry: Alright Matt, I’m out. Enjoy the episode and look forward to your responses. Adios.

Matt: Yes sir. Maybe some UFC consumption this weekend!

Check back next week as The Fight Voice crew continues to bring you exhilarating coverage of TUF Penn-Edgar!

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