The Money Sweepstakes Part Three

In case you missed Part Two of The Money Sweepstakes article from last week go ahead and take a look below.

With the massive shakeup at Golden Boy from two weeks ago potentially changing the boxing landscape and bringing the cold war between Golden Boy and Top Rank to an end, the mystery of “Who’s Next” for Floyd Mayweather has snowballed.

The departure of Stephen Schaefer and Floyd Mayweather has created several questions about what may play out on September 13 in Las Vegas. Floyd Mayweather, who is scheduled to fight on September 13, in what will be his second-to-last fight under his lucrative six-fight deal, left the Golden Boy shield only hours after former CEO Richard Schaefer finally resigned himself.

So who is next for Money Mayweather?

Our crew continues our four-part series and breaks down who may get the shot of a lifetime against future hall of famer Money Mayweather. This week we take a look at The Wildcards!

The Wildcards

Adrien Broner (Junior Welterweight)
Many boxing fans would like to forget Rocky V, correct? It is common knowledge among boxing fans that Rocky V was underwhelming, embarrassing and flat-out forgettable. A young, rising star (Tommy Gunn) learns how to fight and become a champion under his hero and mentor Rocky Balboa, only to be brainwashed by the over-the-top, brash promoter who strives to pit student against teacher inside of the ring.

Adrien Broner calls Floyd Mayweather ‘big brother’ and is open about the fact that he aims to take over Floyd’s throne once he gives it up for retirement. We all know this. We also know that Broner has said that he would never fight Floyd. Instead, Broner hopes to take over Mayweather’s throne through inheritance rather than hard work.

After Broner’s tough loss to Marcos Maidana in December 2013, Floyd was vocal about the reasons that Broner loss the fight. Unfortunately, Broner failed to respond to Mayweather’s comments and the idea of these two fighters changing their tune about their perceived friendship never materialized. Quite honestly, I think both fighters missed the mark here and definitely could’ve created a feud that would have sparked fans interest.

Personally, I think this is an interesting fight. Broner truly imitates Floyd’s, from his defensive shoulder roll technique to his quickness and accuracy.

Floyd Mayweather is Floyd Mayweather for a reason. He is possibility the most talented fighter to ever strap on the leather, understands the sweet science better than anyone, and has the bravado to maximize his earning potential outside of the ring. I truly believe that Floyd may see value in a potential fight with Broner. Both fighters would market the fight like two top notch advertising executives on Madison Avenue and the storyline of student versus teacher is one that any boxing fan would eat up.

For Adrien Broner I cannot think of a better fight that is available for him. I also think that the potential for a close fight where Broner could land an upset would catapult his career to new heights. If Broner wants to sit in Floyd’s seat, then he needs to go take it. Not just inherit it.

Keith Thurman (Welterweight)
Nobody knows what the ceiling is for Keith “One-Time” Thurman for two reasons. One, he is plowing his way through each opponent leaving a path of destruction in his wake. And two, promoters are having a difficult time getting quality opponents in the ring with him due to the danger he poses. Thurman is a very good boxer who came up through the ranks relying only on his punching ability. He has learned to develop his skills however, by recognizing his athletic ability and using his superior punching power to finish fights in exciting fashion.

This is a dangerous fight for Floyd Mayweather in my opinion. Thurman moves well in the ring, has good footwork and solid boxing fundamentals. Thurman fights coming forward, which is a required style when fighting Mayweather. The difference between Thurman’s style, and Maidana’s for example, is that Thurman is more fundamentally sound and doesn’t get wild with his punches like Maidana does.

The biggest weapon Thurman has that could truly pose a threat to Floyd is his natural punching power. His nickname “One-Time” is not something any opponent should take lightly. Thurman has knockout power in both hands and uses his hooks to end fights at will.

The fact that nobody is mentioning Thurman makes me think he is a real possibility. With the other big names already matched up for the summer, the list of fighters is beginning to shrink. Add in the recent shakeup at Golden Boy and it is difficult to figure out who will be signed up to fight Mayweather in September.

Timothy Bradley (Welterweight)
This fight is the leader in the clubhouse from a “makes the most sense” perspective for Floyd Mayweather. Timothy Bradley is both extremely talented and also flawed in a way that makes me believe Mayweather would prefer this fight over all others.

Floyd Mayweather is not going to put himself in danger of losing his perfect record, but at the same time he needs to make an exciting fight that fans will pay to see. Timothy Bradley is a solid fighter, talented, fast, and has power. He has also endured a tumultuous two year period where he shocked the boxing world by beating Manny Pacquiao, Ruslan Provodnikov and Juan Manual Marquez. After storybook wins against the boxing elite, however, he failed to win the rematch with Manny Pacquiao in April 2013 and now must regain the momentum that he lost.

The matchup is interesting from a technical perspective because both fighters possess the one trait that makes a good fighter a great fighter – speed. Both men have fast hands, throw high-punch combinations and are extremely athletic.

For Floyd Mayweather this fight allows him to take on a strong opponent who some people would say, imitates a younger Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather would play this angle from the first day on the media tour and it would sell like hotcakes. Also, this fight would allow Mayweather to throw some jabs at Manny Pacquiao, who still remains the #1 contender to Floyd’s throne.

Personally, I like this fight. Bradley can box and he also has a good chin. After going through tough fights with Provodnikov and Marquez, Floyd will have a challenge ending a fight with Bradley by knockout.

My Breakdown:
Best Matchup for Floyd: Timothy Bradley
Worst Matchup for Floyd: Keith Thurman
Fight Most Likely to be Made: Timothy Bradley

Be sure to check back next week as we tackle “The Blockbuster!” You don’t want to miss this one folks.

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