The Ultimate Fighter 19 – Episode 8

Jerry: Welcome Fight Voice Followers, to our weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 19! There was a lot going on at the Fight Voice this week, and I have to come clean – I didn’t see this week’s episode. My satellite died the night it aired. Seriously – just died. How does that even happen?? However, it looks like I didn’t miss much this week! Thanks for the insight Matt.

Matt: I am going to pull a little Pulp Fiction here and write this is not particular order whatsoever.

Matt: I am not sure anyone is reading it anyway so whatevs.

Matt: Well, that episode of TUF got interesting very quickly! Can I just say that Dana White is awesome. I know some people will have their gripes with him, his personality, etc…but he is hands-down by a landslide the coolest person in all of the sports. I know his title isn’t ‘Commissioner,’ like Roger Goddell or Bud Selig, but White represents the same job function that they do and he is does it in a way that I thoroughly enjoy. And if he slips up he owns it.

Matt: Dana White has just communicated what every viewer of TUF was thinking. I love this.

Matt: I don’t know why these fighters have relied on the clinch so much, or laying against eachother on the fence. Are they that out of shape?

Matt: And you know what, the coaches need to step in here. I like both coaches a lot, but they need to get these guys going and/or call someone out in practice.

Matt: This episode was “blah.” I mean, it came to a point where I was actually excited for the KFC Couch.

Jerry: HA! So tell us Matt, How Do You KFC?

Matt: So, am I to believe the “Gutter Grills” is not going to be a real thing? All of my work-shopping last week was for nothing?

Matt: I am seriously struggling here. I have no real house drama going down. The training highlights for each fighter were not well done either. I wish they would get back to showing more training so we can actually see where these guys excel at.

Matt: Who are the random people that get invited to watch these fights? There is a woman sitting behind Dana who may not be breathing. Can we figure this out?

Matt: To my previous comment, I think Dana should be raffling off tickets for fans to come watch these fights. There would have to be a NDA signed I guess so the fans don’t spoil it, but I can’t listen to “ole” and “grunting noises” from the other fighters every time a kick lands.

Matt: Do you recall how I was knocking Smith and Forge Hard Cider? I bought one the other day. Damnit Dana got me again!

Matt: Round 1 is over thankfully.

Matt: Round 2 is over…

Matt: Please no round 3.

Matt: How mad is Dana?

Matt: Ok, now I am excited. Dana just made me get up and do 12 pushups…in a row…without a break (I can do more than 12 – it’s just been a tiresome week).

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