The Ultimate Fighter Episode 9 – Semifinals – Middleweights

After Dana White’s verbal thrashing on last week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, the fighters appear ready for the semifinals as Team Penn’s Cathal Pendred takes on Team Edgar’s Eddie Gordon.

Pendred, a highly touted prospect out of Ireland, had the benefit of making an early appearance on this week’s episode as he was being spooned by Hector Urbina, the man who Pendred beat in the first episode of the season, during a drunken fiasco at the house. But we will get to that later.

Opposite Pendred sits decorated wrestler Eddie Gordon, who looks to use his size and wrestling skills to take down Pendred and make his way to the finale, live from Las Vegas in three weeks.

As always, TheFightVoice enjoys TUF and most importantly we look forward to pulling back the curtain and giving our readers some insight into our twisted minds.

Unfortunately, one of our members has had the displeasure of befriending the DirecTV operator in Des Moines who cannot seem to fix his satellite signal. We wish you good luck Jerry, but unfortunately we must go on without you.

As expected Episode 9 started…wait for it…in the kitchen! A conversation between Gutter and Chris Fields appeared to be happening although it was tough to make out the content based on the amount sizzle that was going on inside Gutter’s frying pan. Was he making a stir-fry? I am not sure.

And then things got weird. Finally a bottle of vodka finds its way into the house. We have some drinking folks!

And I mean they are drinking. It looks like Hector Urbina had about one too many Smith & Forge Ciders because he felt the need to spoon Cathal
Pendred at one point. We are 3 minutes into the episode and I have seen enough spooning.

As the night progresses we have our first naked dude. Tim Williams, sporting socks and a microphone strapped to his torso, feels the need to run naked through the house, hugging Chris Fields repeatedly and taking an unassuming position on the couch. Ok, let’s move on please!

At the halfway point of this week’s episode, the viewers were treated to a genuine moment between Dana White and the semifinalists, as White brought the fighters into the MGM Grand as it was being prepared for UFC 167 St. Pierre-Hendricks. Forget all of the nonsense at the house, the average fights or the kayak race between the coaches. Finally, TUF showed its viewers why it became an instant success many years ago and why the UFC continues to be the premier fighting outfit of the world.

It is obvious that these fighters may lose track of why they are there and why they exerting so much effort to make their dreams come true. They are without their families, their normal routines and the comfort that helps them achieve their goals. Instead they are quarantined to a house in the suburbs of Las Vegas, forced to sleep near their opponents and endure a lengthy process to achieve their goal of being the next Ultimate Fighter.

This is the first time, as the viewer, I have been excited for a fight on this season. While many people have criticized this season of The Ultimate Fighter, at its core the show gives the audience an insider look at what it takes to be successful in this grueling sport.

It is time for the Middleweight Semifinals. Eddie Gordon takes on Irishman Cathal Pendred. Something tells me Dana White will not have to repeat himself.

Round 1:
The first round between Cathal Pendred and Eddie Gordon began fast, hit a slow point in the middle and picked up towards the end. Both fighters, who are well-versed, were able to achieve takedowns, land punches and keep the pace going throughout the round. In what was a very close round that could have gone either way, but in my eyes Gordon barely takes the 10-9 round.

Round 2:
The second round was a story of gas. And when I say ‘gas,’ I mean both fighters were out of it. It took nearly three minutes for a takedown to happen as both fighters carried a very slow place throughout the round. Gordon was able to secure a takedown in the later part of the round, which may have been enough to win it. At this point, rounds one or two could have gone to either fighter. Could we have another judge’s quarrel?

Round 3:
Both fighters laid it on the line in round 3 and were willing to trade punches in the center of the ring. The third round was by far the closest and could be the determining factor in the fight. I had Pendred winning the third round, but without a knockout, it would appear that Pendred’s run is over.

In the end, Eddie Gordon pulls the upset and hands Pendred his second loss since coming into the show via split decision. It appears that the luck of the Irish did in fact run out.

Next week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter pits Team Edgar teammates Corey Anderson against Pat Walsh for a spot in the finale. Check back next week to read about the fights and see if Jerry was able to sweet-talk his way to a new satellite dish.

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