Glory 17 Championship Bouts Revisited

Joseph Valtellini - James Law Glory International
Joseph Valtellini – James Law Glory International

Marc de Bonte v Joseph Valtellini
In what could’ve been the most exciting fight of the night, welterweights Marc de Bonte and Joseph Valtellini, squared off in a back-and-forth war that saw huge swings in momentum from the opening bell to the final seconds of the fight.

Joseph Valtellini showed serious boxing skills and utilized a steady combination of straight rights and left hooks behind a stout jab. It was apparent that Valtellini preferred to use his boxing and wait for openings when de Bonte failed to counter the relentless attack.

The length of de Bonte became an issue for Valtellini during the second part of round one as de Bonte landed a lead left hook that sent Valtellini backwards.

In round three, the persistent attack by Valtellini led to a knockdown as de Bonte was caught by a flurry of punches and right headkick by Valtellini. De Bonte was able to recover nicely and even began to land body punches at the end of the round.

Suddenly, in the fourth round the momentum took a turn in de Bonte’s favor as he was able to land a flying knee that sent Valtellini to the mat. Valtellini was able to recover, but never seemed to get his legs back in round four. Valtellini, who was in survival mode took some punishment in the fourth and still continued to press forward as the round came to a close.

With a sense of urgency in the final round, de Bonte took another shot at a flying knee hoping to end the night before the fight went to the scorecards. It was possible that Valtellini was still recovering from the fourth round as de Bonte controlled most of the final round.

The bout between Valtellini and de Bonte was a tale of two fights as each fighter appeared to control one half of the fight. The judges had a difficult decision to make and it was clear that both fighters thought they had won.

In the end, a decision victory for Joe Valtellini came from the scorecards and a new champion was crowned. In the post-fight press conference, Valtellini was charismatic and gracious as he was holding the belt and answering media questions. If I was running operations at Glory, Joe Valtellini is a fighter I would put at the forefront of the sport.

Rico Verhoeven - James Law Glory International
Rico Verhoeven – James Law Glory International

Rico Verhoeven v Daniel Ghita
The highly anticipated rematch between heavyweight contenders Rico Verhoeven and Daniel Ghita promised to be a promising bout as both fighters have been verbal about their dislike for each other.

Their first bout was an exciting match that saw both warriors showcasing their elite talents inside of the ring. Ghita and Verhoeven, who are athletic heavyweights and bring power and speed to fray, verbalized their disdain for each other leading up to the Glory card and fans were chomping at the bit to see them in action.

The five round Heavyweight championship bout started with both fighters standing toe-to-toe trading punches and kicks for most of the round. It was a very close round, but Verhoeven appeared to take the round with volume striking and relentless pressure.

The middle rounds saw Daniel Ghita gaining some momentum as he was able to land a thudding right kick to Verhoeven’s body that instantly turned his ribs into a mess. Verhoeven, a true warrior and tough fighter, was able to maintain his composure and hit Ghita with solid combinations throughout the middle rounds.

Unfortunatley for Daniel Ghita, he was unable to string together the striking he needed to knock Verhoeven out and all three judges scored the fight in favor of Heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for both of these fighters and I wouldn’t be all that surprised if we saw them facing off again somewhere down the road.

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