TUF 19 Penn v Edgar – Episode 10

The Semifinal bouts continued on the new season of TUF Edgar v Penn as teammates Corey Anderson and Pat Walsh squared off in the Octagon. As always tensions are high in the house as the finals approach and Pat Walsh didn’t do himself any favors on this episode. TheFightVoice dives into the action with some quality back-and-forth chatter to keep you entertained.

Jerry: Matt, as you know, my Satellite Dish went kaput for 2 weeks. But now I’m back in black! I felt like I was in Siberia, or Minnesota or some such wasteland. Without further ado…

Matt: Let me tell you what you missed. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The highlight of the past three episodes was Dana wigging out on the fighters after Gutter fought Chris Fields. I am not sure what they are going to do here, but that is two average to below average season of TUF. The UFC is a smart business and I trust they will work it out.

Jerry: Pat Walsh vs. Corey Anderson – As I recall, we liked Walsh. Man it feels like forever ago since we got the backstories on these guys. No matter, I’m coming at this one with a clean slate.

Matt: That’s an interesting take. You are spot on. We haven’t really had any insight into the fighters lately. I usually enjoy that because it helps me pick a guy to pull for. This season has been all sorts of bickering, KFC and cooking lessons. Pat Walsh is the Boston guy who went to Ohio State. And he has been named “Fat Pat,” which I can appreciate as a nickname because some people used to call me “Fat Matt.”

Jerry: Both these guys are Team Edgar. I always find it interesting when it’s 2 teammates fighting each other. Remember in TUF Nations when the Canadian guy was all alone with no one from his team in his corner?? Man that was brutal. I’m sure Edgar will handle this situation better.

Matt: As I read your comment about these fighters being teammates I was trying to think of how the UFC can shake this all up. Why don’t they do a “free agent” style show where there are no teams whatsoever? Or what about having some of the legendary gyms face each other and bringing their own fighters to the fray. For example, The Blackzillians bring a heavyweight, middleweight and featherweight to the show. Team Alpha Male brings the same weight class. And so on. Sort of like a World Cup of fighting…seriously we need to stop bringing thee great ideas to the table.

Jerry: Ian Stephens reminds me of the male cop from The Killing. You know, the guy who broke up with Olivia Munn – who is now dating Aaron Rodgers. That, is how we come full circle my friend.

Matt: Wait a second. That dude broke up with Olivia Munn? She is something. And she is dating Rodgers now???!!!! Damn QB’s.

Jerry: Pat putting in time with Team Penn in order to get some extra practice. Matt, what do you think?

Matt: I don’t know. I guess I don’t really care. But again, this whole “team” concept is kind of garbage, right? I mean there are teammates that are about to fight! How does that make sense? I like my idea of Free Agents next time around Dana.

Jerry: Aaaand there’s the rub. Walsh is giving them the lowdown on Anderson and his tendencies. Yeah, that’s not cool. Shouldn’t be giving the other team tips on how to defeat your teammates. Bad Fat Pat, Bad!

Matt: Yeah, poor taste. Now Fat Pat is making me mad.

Jerry: Anderson calling out Walsh for not being loyal to his team. I’d imagine that house can be a pretty lonely place if you don’t have the support of your teammates. Walsh is treading on thin ice.

Jerry: Um, Fat Pat, did you really try to just compare it to “getting in an extra run”? Because the two situations are not comparable at all. At all.


Jerry: Eddie Gordon – the Kevin Hart of the house – just called Walsh a turncoat. It’s getting cray. Flash forward to the locker room – Walsh has got to feel like a caged animal. Cue the waterworks. Drama! We have drama
Matt! Walsh storms out and throws a tantrum. He has now lost all support from his teammates. There’s just no coming back from that. It’s like when Lane Pryce stole the money from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. All trust is gone, and you lost Don’s support. Sorry Walsh.

Matt: Is he really crying? Wow, I don’t know. I feel like Edgar wants to call out Walsh but knows that he can’t. And Edgar is a Jersey guy too. Jersey guys are ballbusters. If Pat Walsh wells up like that in Edgar’s gym in Jersey, then he can’t back from it. They would break him. I feel really awkward watching this right now.

Jerry: I think Edgar handled that situation well. I still haven’t figured out how I’d rank him in the Pantheon of TUF coaches, but that conundrum was handled tactfully.

Matt: I like Edgar. Hummm, a TUF Coaches Ranking? I smell a spin-off article! Hurry start it before someone steals it!

Jerry: Fat Pat is crazy. He’s being such a baby. Just admit you’re wrong. Don’t place the blame on Anderson for “causing unneeded tension”. Fat Pat, you effed up. Now swallow your pride, admit it, and move on.

Jerry: Oh, and in case you were wondering Matt, Baptist preachers from Kenosha, Wisconsin also KFC. And just because I haven’t asked you lately Matt, How Do You KFC?

Matt: I KFC with original recipe (drumsticks only), mac and cheese, mash and gravy and one biscuit. All washed down with an ice cold Smith & Forge Hard Cider.

Jerry: Round 1 – Living up to the Episode’s title: Zombie Slugfest. Both guys are swinging wildly. When Pat swings, does he look a little out of control to you? Had some brief action on the mat and Anderson secured another takedown with about a minute and a half left in the first. Was anyone coaching for Fat Pat at all?? Feels like I only heard Anderson’s corner giving out coaching. Aaand there’s the ol’ smirk from Fat Pat. Headed on to Round 2.

Matt: Dana said it perfectly at the end of the fight. Walsh is a technical mess. Good striking always start with your feet and Fat Pat doesn’t have good feet. His wrestling skills are apparent, but his boxing his bad. Like real bad. He doesn’t move his head and he opens himself up to punches with his wild style. Anderson could end this fight easily if he counters Walsh’s overhand right with a right leg kick to the head. Walsh is leaving his head at waist level every time he misses the overhand right.

Jerry: Round 2 – Fat Pat coming out with some renewed vigor! But just like that, his hands are constantly down and he looks exhausted again. Anderson isn’t being aggressive at all. Fat Pat is cooked. He’s practically begging to be taken out. Anderson hits him with the knee and takes him down. Comment from roomie at the end of the 2nd: “This should have been over 2 minutes ago.” The roomie makes an appearance!

Matt: Love it when “roomie” chimes in. And Roomie is spot on.

Jerry: Round 3 – Anderson still playing it safe while Walsh continues to throw haymakers out there. Fat Pat looks drunk. Like our friend Jako on a Friday night after a tour at EVT, with a stop off at Funky’s. Fat Pat looks like he’s throwing punches just for the heck of it.

Matt: He does have some Jako tendencies. Like a drunken sailor who just did 47 days at sea and finished off a bottle of Crown.

Jerry: Unanimous decision for Anderson. No brainer. ICEMAN making an appearance next week! Sick! Matt, glad to be back on board. Cheers.

Matt: Ugh. Whatever. Two fights next week and Chuck Liddell makes an appearance. Yes please.

Tune in next week folks as we try to keep you awake through another episode of TUF 19 Penn v Edgar.

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