Cashing the Money Ticket

If you missed our “Money Sweepstakes” three-part series check it out under our Boxing section.

With two fights left on his contract with Golden Boy and Showtime Sports, Floyd Mayweather had the pick of the litter with who is next opponent would be on September 13, 2014. Our crew made a reasonable effort to lay out every possibility, knowing that 98% of the options were just not going to happen.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather isn’t stupid. His team is competent. To think that he would risk his perfect record with a dangerous fight against rising star Keith Thurman, his protégé Adrien Broner or his white whale, Manny Pacquiao would be ignorant.

Instead, after an exciting fight on May 3, 2014 against Argentine slugger Marcos “El Chino” Maidana, Mayweather has chosen to grant the Maidana another crack at the title…and his perfect record.

But here is the problem. Floyd Mayweather knows he can beat Maidana. And he understands that Maidana has limitations that can easily be detected. Mayweather was in a battle with Maidana this past spring, and he would be the first to admit it. However, Mayweather knows how to address the issues he faced and most importantly he knows how to beat them. Because that is what Floyd Mayweather is about.

Marcos Maidana, a technically flawed boxer who imitates a bar room brawler had a game plan that he thought could work. And for a moment, it did. But the order was too tall and in the end Maidana could not seal the victory that he felt he deserved.

Even though Maidana thought he won the fight, it was obvious that he was overpowered in the second half of the championship bout and never did enough to dethrone the king.

Mayweather, who is a master of public relations, extended a rematch to Maidana this week and Maidana ate it up. He truly thought that Mayweather was doing him a favor, and with that small instance of gratitude, Maidana may have already sealed his fate.

To beat Floyd Mayweather you cannot respect him. The moment you do, he has already won. I fear that Maidana has already made that concession. And for me, it makes this a fight that will have all of the build-up and no delivery.

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