I love the UFC. I have since I was 12 years old and the VHS videos were found in the Adult section of your local video store. Yes, an actual building that had videos you would rent for two nights, watch and return. Those did exist folks!

When TheFightVoice crew met in 2006 it wasn’t long before the UFC became a common staple in their sport viewing lineup. Sure, the NFL and some NBA games created an urge for the crew to go out, have some drinks and watch the games, but at its core the thrill of a Saturday evening pay-per-view event with the UFC’ s biggest stars, Joe Rogan’s black club shirt and some drinks were the things we enjoyed the most.

With that said, TheFightVoice has decided why not add some gambling, trash talk and competition to the mix? And thus, the first ever installment of TheFightVoice UFC Pick ‘Em league was born.

How will this work out? Who knows? But our goal is to get you involved. Sure, the UFC has a fantasy league you can join, but you will have a better time joining with us, making some fight picks and possibly winning some prizes.

The Rules:
1. TheFightVoice crew will make winning picks for select fights on all UFC cards.
2. Scores will be tracked based on the scoring criteria below.
3. We want you to be involved! We are starting this for UFC 175 and The Ultimate Fighter Finale, however we will be opening up spots for our loyal viewers as the year goes on.

– Preliminary Fights – 1pt for picking the winner (whether by decision, submission, or TKO)
– Undercards to Main Event – 2pt to picking the winner (whether by decision, submission or TKO)
– Main Event – 3pt to picking winner by decision, 4pt to picking winner by submission or TKO
– Special Scoring: 1 extra point to all fights if you pick exact round and ending (TKO/Submission)


Urijah Faber (30-7) v Alex Caceres (10-5)
Matt: The intrigue behind Faber fighting on the Fox Sport 1 Prelims is interesting and to me, says a ton about Faber. He just wants to fight. Team Alpha Male is coming off a huge TJ Dillashaw upset of Renan Barao and they have some serious mojo right now. Faber is a great striker and supreme athlete. I like Caceres, but he just doesn’t stack up to The California Kid. Pick: Faber by Submission.

Jerry: Gotta go with the California Kid. Always been impressed with his bravado and what he’s done for the sport. After coming off a rough year, I look to him to rebound with a victory against Alex Caceres. Pick: Faber by Decision.

Muku: How do I pick against Faber? I don’t. The California Kid is hot and burning up like a wildfire. Yeah, I said it. Pick: Faber by submission

Uriah Hall (9-4) v Thiago Santos (9-2)
Matt: I feel like Ultimate Fighter runner-up, Uriah Hall, still has value in the UFC. He is a crazy athlete who doesn’t know exactly how to use all of this talent just yet. But I think he is starting to figure it out. After dismantling UFC legend Chris Leben, Hall is primed to make some moves in the division. It starts on Saturday. Pick: Hall by decision.

Jerry: I’m throwing my weight behind Hall. He’s ferocious when he wants to be and when he’s focused. But there’s a high likelihood I’m still hung up on his TUF KO’s. Pick: Hall by TKO.

Muku: I LOVED Hall in TUF, but his less than lackluster performance in the final, makes me think that he needs people around him telling him how good he is, ala Chael, to get him fired up. Not sure if anyone has massaged his ego this time. Pick: Santos by submission

Stefan Struve (29-6) v Matt Mitrione (7-3)
Matt: Prior to his recent loss to Mark Hunt, Struve was on a tear winning three straight, which included an impressive win over highly-touted contender Stipe Miocic. Conversely, Mitrione has toughed out some grueling fights that have littered his record with losses. Struve is a submission guy, but he also uses his length very well. Mitrione, the smaller man, will have his work cut out for him, but his ability to knock people out is always a true equalizer. Pick: Mitrione by TKO in round 2.

Jerry: Struve. That’s all. Pick: Struve by decision.

Muku: I used to hate on Struve for some odd reason, but dammit, I can see his awkwardly gangly self submitting having some kind of out of body experience this weekend. Maybe he’ll find confidence in the fact his country’s soccer, I mean futbol, team has a chance to win the World Cup. Mitrione can hit, so if Struve wants that W, he must use that reach. Pick: Struve by submission

Ronda Rousey (9-0) v Alexis Davis (16-5)
Matt: On paper, some could argue that Davis is the right person to end the legendary streak Rousey has given UFC fans. She is talented on the ground, she can strike and she has experience. Rousey, who is the best female fighter in the world, is on a tear and shows no signs of slowing down. The only worry with Rousey, in my opinion, is whether or not she is spread too thin right now. Movies, photo shoots and media commitments can take their toll. Can she get past those things? Or do we have a potential Tyson-Bowe on our hands? Pick: Rousey by TKO.

Jerry: I’m going Rousey until someone proves otherwise. And I don’t think that person’s going to be Davis. Rousey is simply the best right now, and the biggest draw for the UFC. Pick: Ronda all day. Submission.

Muku: Ummm, I don’t think there’s much to say other than I hope Rousey and Cyborg can agree on a weight, date, and venue. Pick: Rousey by armbar  yeah, I’m going out on a limb here

Chris Weidman (11-0) v Lyoto Machida (21-4)
Matt: I can write 2,000 words about this fight and how it will play out. But I won’t. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling. Pick: Machida by decision.

Jerry: I think the Dragon can pull it off. He’ll take Weidman all 5 rounds and I like his subtle bravado. Pick: Lyoto by decision.

Muku: This is the most intriguing fight of the night to me. I have been going back and forth, side to side, and up and down trying to figure out what’s gonna happen. I still can’t figure it out. We all know what Weidman has done, especially lately, but dammit Machida is looking like he’s back in form. I think I’m gonna put up the two faces on the wall and throw some chicken tikka masala and see which one looks more of a mess. Pick: Weidman by TKO

The Ultimate Fighter Finale and Edgar-Penn

Frankie Edgar v B.J. Penn – #3
Matt: Edgar pulls it out via decision and sweeps B.J. Penn 3 fights to 0. Penn retires inside the Octagon to a standing ovation. Pick: Edgar by decision.

Jerry: Really like Penn, but I think Edgar has this one. Can’t put my finger on why, but my nod goes to Edgar. Pick: Edgar by decision.

Muku: It would have been cool had this been the rubber match, but Edgar owned the Hawaiian legend both fights. Do I see this going any differently? No. Pick: Frankie by Unanimous Decision…again

Matt Van Buren v Corey Anderson
Matt: I can’t believe it, but I have Gutter pulling it out. Gutter by strikes for an early stoppage. Pick: Gutter by TKO.

Jerry: Gotta go with the San Diego kid, right? Pick: Gutter by decision.

Muku: You know you think you know someone by watching them on TV? Well, I don’t like Van Buren, even though he’s a San Diego kid. Pick: Anderson by KO

Dhiego Lima v Eddie Gordon
Matt: Dhiego Lima is one of the better fighters in the house and I think he proves it on Sunday by stealing a decision victory of Eddie Gordon. Pick: Lima by decision.

Jerry: I’m going with the llama. Pick: Lima by decision.

Muku: Aside from the Weidman/Machida fight, this has me very intrigued. Both fighters showed some serious skills. One a versatile striker and grappler, the other Mike Tyson. It’s gonna come down to luck and capitalizing on chances. Pick: Gordon by strikes

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