TUF 19 Edgar v Penn – Final Episode

Our final review on the last episode of TUF 19 Edgar v Penn

Fights: Roger Zapata v Dhiego Lima, Daniel Spohn v Matt Van Buren

In the final episode of TUF 19 Edgar v Penn, avid viewers are treated to two semifinal fights that will see two men going to the live finale on Sunday, June 6, 2014 from Las Vegas. The FightVoice crew has broken down the fights since week one, tossed in some high comedy and looks to wrap things up with a TUF 19 live review this Sunday. Be sure to tune in and follow along.

Matt: Well here we go! The final two fights of the season before the live finale on Sunday night. A huge weekend for the UFC is ahead and I am wondering why they made TUF finale its own show on Sunday? Why not make it a massive day of really interesting fights on Saturday? Forget Fight Pass and bad prelims, just have Edgar and Penn square off before Weidman-Machida with TUF Finale the first fights of the night.

Jerry: Gotta agree. Been a strange season. Needs some revamping.

Matt: This is tough for me. This is one of my favorite shows and I thought that this season had tons of potential…but it just hasn’t panned out. I don’t know why really? There are some great athletes on this show. Hopefully something good happens with these final two fights. Two men will go to the finale on Sunday!

Matt: I like Lima…Some may not (cough cough), but I think he is legit.

Jerry: Matt! How dare you say I don’t like the llama! I guess he’s not as bad as I thought.

Matt: Nice cartwheel Zapata…

Matt: This fight is starting fast, which is nice. Oh shit!

Matt: And a finish finally! Crazy arm bar by Lima for the win over Zapata. That looked nasty! I cant watch these arm-bending replays. I mean, I just had KFC bro! I don’t need to see this dudes arm get broke.

Jerry: You almost spit out your cocktail when you saw that! Yeah gross. That fight was about as fast as most of my dates.

Matt: Zapata goes down hard to Lima by arm bar in round 1. And Dana’s speech is working!

Matt: I don’t have much confidence in this TUF class, but I will say that I can see Lima being around the UFC for a few years. It will be up to him to improve his game, but the natural talent seems to be there. Zapata just didn’t have it. He was a decent striker, but his ground game was bad. He would’ve had a hard time lasting the UFC without an improved ground game.

Matt: So we have Dhiego Lima versus Eddie Gordon for TUF title, six-figure contract and custom Harley Davidson. We will get to predictions later. As of now, I have Lima winning this fight.

Matt: Next fight Spohn v Van Buren! Holy cow this is the most exciting TUF episode of the season.

Matt: Chuck!!!!

Matt: Liddell just threw Spohn into the wall like a ragdoll.

Matt: Where does Chuck Liddell rank on the “I Would Love to Buy This Guy 10 Beers and Have Him Tell Me Crazy Stories…” I think you have to have Lawrence Taylor, Michael Irvin, Dennis Rodman, Mickey Mantle, Wilt Chamberlain, George Clooney and Mike Tyson on this list. Where is Chuck? Does he make it?

Matt: Gutter is sounding like a focused dude right now. That’s interesting.

Matt: Hell yeah House Drinking! Now we are talking!

Matt: Back in the kitchen! I truly smell a spin-off here.

Matt: Is the pool table the one item that every reality television house needs in order to keep people from killing each other? Think about it. Every reality show has a pool table. Mind…blown…

Matt: Average first round. Not much going yet.

Matt: Wow, these guys are fighting in a phone booth! Holy hell this is getting good. I just counted 27 hard elbows from Van Buren on Spohn’s head. Holy shit.

Matt: Laying it on the line! Finally some life on this show!

Matt: Wow, Matt Van Buren showing some skill on the feet. I didn’t see that coming. I truly think that the length of Van Buren will be trouble for any shorter fighter he faces. I didn’t think he had the striking in him, but he showed something tonight.

Jerry: repping San Diego to the fullest!

Matt: Well, I think your questions from two weeks ago about where Frankie Edgar lands on the pantheon of TUF coaches. Dude just put 4 of his fighters in the finale! Wow. Hats off to him. Really like Frankie.

Matt: Ok, Jerry we are finally there. Lhima – Gordon, Van Buren – Anderson.

Jerry: Another season coming to a close. Even though this season was off, I do love this show and consider it “Can’t miss”. Let’s see who the next champ is!!


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