Coming to San Diego: MMA Evolution Expo!

mma expo

In case you haven’t noticed, San Diego has earned the designation of “Fight Capital” of the west coast, with an impressive base of local MMA talent, boxing legends, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies and some of the most diehard fans across the country.

What better way to give those fight-hungry fans something to get excited about, than to have MMA Evolution Expo travel down the coast to America’s Finest City for a star-studded, two-day event that covers nearly every facet of the fight game?

Our crew had an opportunity to ask MMA Evolution Expo leader, Gabe Scarpelli, about what local San Diego fight fans can expect as the two-day convention hits San Diego beginning Saturday August 23 at 9:00am PT.

With the wealth of MMA talent, trainers and gyms in the area I expect the MMA Evolution Expo to be a hit for marital art fans of all ages, levels and disciplines.

TheFightVoice: Gabe, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Let me first start off by asking what is your level of excitement for the MMA Evolution Expo?

Gabe Scarpelli: We are more than excited to bring this event to San Diego. We are coming off two of these events from northern California and the response has been immense. Its great being home for an event and San Diego is a great location for it.

TheFightVoice: What does it mean to you to bring the MMA Evolution Expo to San Diego, one of the countries hot beds for MMA talent?

Gabe Scarpelli: It’s an honor to work with all of these great camps and athletes. As well as being able to throw an event like this in a well-known hotbed like San Diego.

TheFightVoice: Do you currently practice any martial arts yourself?

Gabe Scarpelli: Being involved with the many different sports and arts has given me an amazing chance to train in many different styles. I travel a lot with my events but I enjoy training Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu when I can.

TheFightVoice: Is the MMA Evolution Expo something only hardcore MMA fans should attend? Or can novice fans that are just getting into the arts enjoy the show as well?

Gabe Scarpelli: We have built this event to offer many things for every level of fan. We also have great tournaments and demonstrations for everyone’s skill level. Spectators can also try the free seminars, which they can watch or participate in so they can learn from some of the best in the industry. This event is a great way to experience many different styles and maybe create a new interest or art.

TheFightVoice: There are several small tournaments scheduled throughout the weekend, in jiu-jitsu, boxing, muay thai, etc…Logistically, what goes into putting on an event like this?

Gabe Scarpelli: It is crazy but we are very fortunate to work with such professional promoters who are great at what they do. Most of them do tournaments year-round and follow our event throughout the state.

TheFightVoice: As the organizer and face of this event I am sure you are excited for the show to go off without a hitch, but if there is one event, topic, or person you as an MMA fan are looking forward to the most what would it be?

Gabe Scarpelli: We are always looking for new ways to give a more in-depth perception for our fans and this show will be no exception. We are really excited for the addition of Full Contact Muay Thai. IKF will present 14 Muay Thai bouts full contact, this hasn’t been see in a long time and is one of the first of its kind in California. San Diego has a great kickboxing and Muay Thai community and we are very proud to bring this event to the show.

TheFightVoice: The schedule recently came out and the list of local MMA legends is beginning to come out. Who can fans expect to see over the two-day event in person?

Gabe Scarpelli: We have many athletes and celebrities who will be attending our Event. A few Notable names who will be signing autographs are Mark Munoz, Chris Leben and Dean Lister amongst many others. This will be a great chance for the fans to interact and meet their favorite athlete.

TheFightVoice: Tell me about World Combat Series. Where is this promotion based? How long has it been around?

Gabe Scarpelli: World Combat Series has been around since 2011 and produces events throughout California. We have two headquarters, one in San Diego and the other in San Jose. As you said early California is the hotbed for MMA and these two territories are the leaders of that movement. This will be our 17th Fight Card and it will feature many talented fighters from all over the state. The Fights are also included in the general admission expo ticket.

TheFightVoice: The MMA Evolution Expo will have live fights, celebrities and other fun activities throughout the weekend. What other industry exhibitors will be present to market their products and meet their customers?

Gabe Scarpelli: We currently have 84 top-level supplement and Martial arts companies. They are coming from across the nation and feature some large names like, Gaspari Nutrition, Europa, Rocktape, Clinch Gear, Cleto Reyes, Quest Nutrition and many more. Spectators will have a great chance to sample products get free giveaways as well as awesome event pricing unlike anything else on the market.

TheFightVoice: In addition to having live fights and industry exhibitors, the MMA Evolution Expo also includes fitness as part of the two-day event. For attendees who are not familiar with what sort of fitness exhibitors may be present please tell us a little more on what we can expect from the fitness side of the house.

Gabe Scarpelli: From the fitness stand point we have three particular events that are amazing examples of fitness and athleticism. The First is our Crossfit throw down presented by Moxie Madness. We also have The “Epic Series” Functional fitness challenge obstacle course and the third is Callisthenic Bar Battles, which is an amazing demonstration of strength and control. These will all be showcased throughout the expo.

TheFightVoice: How should fans go about finding tickets for this exciting fight-filled weekend?

Gabe Scarpelli: Tickets may be purchase online at and they will also be sold at the convention center on the days of the events. They are $25 for a single day or $35 for the entire weekend.

TheFightVoice: Where can fight fans find MMA Evolution Expo on social media and online?

Gabe Scarpelli: We have a vast amount of info videos and pictures on our Facebook page and we always update it with the newest information. Stay up to date and “Like” our page to stay current on all events.

TheFightVoice: If you had one word to describe this event…what would it be and why?

Gabe Scarpelli: UNIQUE! There is nothing like this around the nation. We give fans and athletes a great way to celebrate and pay homage to their Sport. We are very much athlete-driven, which means the spectators are in for a great experience

TheFightVoice: Gabe, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us and we look forward to being part of this event.

You can follow MMA Evolution Expo on Twitter, Facebook and online at
Be sure to get your tickets now! Doors open at 9am on Saturday August 23 and 24th. Don’t miss it fight fans!

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