Live Fight Coverage: Bobby D Presents “Dangerous Divas”


Local boxing in San Diego is back for some mid-week action as legendary female fight promoter and NABF Female Promoter of the Year, Bobby DePhilippis, brings fight fans a loaded card, which includes three female bouts and two male contests in what is being hailed as “Dangerous Divas.”

Our boxing crew is in the building and covering the fights live. This will be our live fight coverage stream and will be updated as the fights happen with real-time coverage.

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LIVE FIGHT COVERAGE BELOW (updated after each bout)

Headliner Jolene Blackshear facing off against Susan Reno
Headliner Jolene Blackshear facing off against Susan Reno

Main Event – Female Jr. Flyweight – 6 Rounds
Jolene “Classy Assassin” Blackshear (San Diego, CA): 108lbs vs Susan Reno (New York, NY): 108lbs

In the final fight of the night, San Diegan Jolene Blackshear squared off against New Yorker Susan Reno in a six-round bout.

Round 1: The fight was quick as Blackshear landed a flush right on the chin of Reno sending the New Yorker back into the ropes and dazed. Blackshear quickly pounced on Reno and ended the bout at 50 seconds in round via knockout.

Result & Scores: Winner Jolene Blackshear, KO

Mayela "Cobrita" Perez taking on undefeated rising star Kenia Enrqiuez
Mayela “Cobrita” Perez taking on undefeated rising star Kenia Enrqiuez

Co-Main Event – Female Jr. Flyweight – 8 rounds
Kenia Enriquez (Tijuana, Mexico): 110lbs vs Mayela “Cobrita” Perez (Saltillo, Mexico): 109lbs

With only two fights remaining on “Dangerous Divas,” undefeated Kenia Enriquez faced her toughest competition thus far as she was pitted against veteran fighter Mayela Perez.

Round 1: A decent round one saw both fighters finding success in the ring as the women were willing to trade hooks early on. Enriquez was very composed and used her jab to create distance throughout the round.

Round 2: Perez made some strides in the second round finding a home for an inside uppercut that had Enriquez backing up. Enriquez was still able to jab and land left hook, however, Perez was more active and landed the harder punches.

Round 3 thru 6: The middle part of the fight had exciting back and forth action as both fighters traded blows throughout the fight. Enriquez was able to out-box the veteran, however, Perez was able to find her spots coming in.

Round 7: In what was the most exciting round of the fight, both fighters were willing to trade blows and exchanged big flurries that saw both women showing each other respect at the closing bell.

Round 8: The early part of round eight saw both fighters picking up where they left off as the crowd was on their feet for the final round of the bout. Enriquez was able to land the better punches and combinations in the final round and landed a huge right to end the round that had Pere on her heels.

Result & Scores: Winner Kenia Enriquez, 80-72, 80-72, 80-72

Mexican fighters Miguel Sanchez squaring off against hard-hitting Tijuana native Ivan Zavala
Mexican fighters Miguel Sanchez squaring off against hard-hitting Tijuana native Ivan Zavala

Welterweights – 6 rounds
Miguel “Zurdo” Sanchez (Culiacan, Mexico): 145lbs vs Ivan “Oso” Zavala (Tijuana, Mexico): 142lbs

Round 1: The second male fight of the night kicked off with two Mexican fighters hailing from San Diego and Tijuana. Both men traded inside flurries and remained head-to-head throughout the round. Zavala was able to move well inside the ring and avoid Sanchez’s combinations throughout the round.

Round 2: With cheers from the Tijuana faithful coming from the crowd both men continued to do work on the inside, however, there were not many clean combinations that favored with fighter.

Round 3: The fight continued with decent back and forth action, but neither fighter could connect on clean combinations. Sanchez appeared to get control of the round as Zavala was slow to get back to his corner. After some conversation in the corner of Zavala, the referee called the fight from the corner as Zavala hurt his hand and could not continue.

Result & Scores: Winner by TKO, Miguel Sanchez

Female Super Bantamweights – 4 rounds
Haley Pasion (Honolulu, HI): 124.5lbs vs Jillian Lybarger (Goodyear, AZ): 133lbs

With new contracted weight agreed at the weigh-in, Hawaii native and standout boxer faced mixed martial artist Jillian Lybarger from the Lab in Goodyear, Arizona in a four-round bout.

Round 1: After an early onslaught from Lybarger, Pasion found her groove and settled in landing decent combinations in the second half of the round. The first round had some good action throughout, however, it appears both fighters were feeling each other out.

Round 2: In round two, Lybarger found her way landing big overhand rights in the early part of the round. The round included excessive holding from Lybarger as she came in to punch, which expected from a mixed martial artist.

Round 3: Pasion seemed confused by the forward pressure and was frustrated with the holding, however she stayed composed and found her spots towards the end of the round. Once Pasion was able to get distance she was able to pepper Lybarger with three-punch combinations. With the round coming to a close both women exchanged big flurries of punches that was the best action of the fight so far.

Round 4: The holding continued in the final round as both women tried to close the fight out with a bang. Pasion stayed calm and stayed with the game plan of creating distance and outboxing her opponent while Lybarger was content being overly physical and landing short punches on the inside.

Result & Scores: Winner Haley Pasion, 38-38, 39-37, 40-36

Mulapi Enjani and Juan Urbina of Los Angeles
Mulapi Enjani and Juan Urbina

Super Bantamweights – 4 rounds
Mulapi Enjani (San Diego, CA): 122lbs vs Juan Urbina (Los Angeles, CA): 118.5lbs

Juan Urbina (0-2-1), a tough inside fighter, made the trip from Los Angeles to take on local San Diego fighter Mulapi Enjani in his professional debut. Enjani is just one fighter who trains with former world champion Tiger Smalls at the Tiger Smalls Boxing Academy in San Diego.

Round 1: The “African Assassin,” Mulapi Enjani came out strong in round one landing hooks and straight rights at will as Urbina was unable to shake the San Diegans relentless pressure. Urbina was able to provide some good inside work towards the second half of the round, however, Enjani controlled the pressure and likely to the round.

Round 2: With trainer Tiger Smalls shouting from the corner, Enjani came out strong in the second before eating a big overhand right from Urbina that seemed to stagger the San Diegan. With moments remaining in the round, Enjani planted his feet and landed a massive right uppercut that sent Urbina to the mat. With the referee watching closely, Enjani attempted to end the fight before eating some hard punches from Urbina, who had no plans of going home early. The round ended with a flurry from both fighters as Urbina escaped the round.

Round 3: After a stellar round two, both ring warriors continued to carry a crazy pace that had the men trading blows in the center of the ring. Urbina relied on his inside game landing hooks to the body and searching for a fight-ending overhand right, however, Enjani was able to withstand the storm and outbox Urbina for most of the round.

Round 4: The crowd gave both men a roar as the fourth and final round started as it appeared Enjani may was ahead on the score cards. Urbina, sensing the need for a knockout applied significant pressure, but was out-boxed by Enjani down the stretch.

Result & Scores: Winner Mulapi Enjani, 40-35, 40-35, 40-35

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