Local Stars Ready to Shine: Weigh In Complete for Bobby D Presents “Back in Business”

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Photograph Credit: THEFIGHTVOICE

The weigh-ins are complete for the latest installment of Bobby D Presents “Back in Business” as the fight season closes in on another great year of boxing. With only two fight cards left, Bobby D Presents highlights San Diego’s best local boxing talent on Friday, October 24 as Emmanuel “Renegade” Robles (11-0-1, 3KOs) fights in front of his hometown in the main event against Carlos “El Guerrero” Valenzuela (6-1, 3KOs).

If you missed our feature story on Emmanuel Robles, check it out at the link below.


“Back in Business” will be rounded out with a handful of entertaining fights, which includes Ukrainian fighter and WBC #7 ranked Dmytro Kusher (21-1, 15KO) coming to town to take on Galen “Bad Boy” Brown from St. Louis, who has over 70 bouts under his belt.

In addition, local San Diego fighter, full-time family man and San Diego Gas & Electric lineman, Joe “The Bull” Delgadillo (1-0, 1KO), gets back into the ring for the second time to carry out his personal goal of being a positive example for himself, his family and his hometown as he takes on Tijuana native Edgar “Porky” Najera (0-2) in the always entertaining heavyweight division.

Unfortunately, the co-main event, which was headlined by local female boxer and rising star Amaris “Diamond Girl” Quintana, was cancelled due to apparent visa issues for her opponent who was traveling to San Diego from Mexico City.

Main Event – Junior Welterweight –8 Rounds

Emmanuel “Renegade” Robles (San Diego, CA)
Carlos Valenzuela (Ciudad Obregon, Mexico)

For local fighter Emmanuel Robles (11-0-1, 3KOs), the excitement of being the main event in front of his family, friends and fans is an honor and privilege that is not taken lightly.

“It is awesome to fight in my hometown. When I was growing up I was one of those unfortunate kids who got in trouble and got locked up. And now, being one of the guys who is following my dream, it feels good to give encouragement to others around this city and show them that they can make it no matter what life throws at you,” says Robles.

On October 24, “life” will be throwing a battle-tested opponent at Robles as he takes on Carlos “El Guererro” Valenzuela (6-1, 3KO’s) in an eight-round battle. The bout looks to be Robles’s toughest test to date as he will be squaring off against a battle-tested veteran who is looking to spoil Robles’s chance at entertaining his hometown San Diego fans in the main event.

“I know he [Carlos Valenzuela] has a solid record and that he lost his last fight. He is 6-1 and we don’t take chances with anyone. We make sure that we are 110% prepared for whatever he brings,” Robles explains. He adds, “I am ready for 8 rounds if we need too. And I am ready for anything he brings to the table.”

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Co-Main Event – Cruiserweight – 8 rounds

Dmytro Kusher (Poland)
Galen “Bad Boy” Brown (St. Louis, MO)

IMG_0290 - Copy

Fight No. 3 – Heavyweights – 4 rounds

Joe “The Bull” Delgadillo (San Diego, CA)
Edgar Najera (Tijuana, Mexico)

When the heavyweights step into the ring Friday night, San Diego fans will be treated to a true “border war” as San Diego fighter Joe “The Bull” Delgadillo gets back in action against Tijuana journeyman Edgar “Porky” Najera who looks to take bragging rights back to the people of Tijuana.

For Delgadillo, a late bloomer in the sport, the opportunity to showcase his skills, represent his city and make his family and friends proud are always at the forefront of his mind when he steps into the ring.

“It is great fighting here. I wouldn’t fight anywhere else. It is all about my family and friends getting a chance to see me fight. Their support is so important to me and my career,” Delgadillo explains. He continues to speak highly of Bobby D Presents and their willingness to get him the fights when he is ready to take it. “I really give it up to Bobby D for giving me these opportunities. He made great opportunities available to me and I really appreciate it. There are tons of fighters out there. But he wants me to be part of his promotion and that makes me grateful,” he adds.

Delgadillo’s story is a perfect example of chance, meeting opportunity, which is what happened when he was just 21 years old and starting a career at San Diego Gas & Electric as an apprentice. “The Bull,” who truly lives up the nickname is an intimidating figure who poses size and strength that would cause anyone to second guess their decision to speak badly of him.

“I was always a big kid. I never had to fight because my size alone would intimidate people. But, what if I had to fight? I didn’t know how to throw a punch and that bothered me. I didn’t play sports when I was little. And when I found boxing it was like a got a little piece of my childhood back. I was an opportunity to have fun like a kid again,” Delgadillo explains.

After finding a home at City Boxing, a combat gym that included legendary trainers and fighters whose names carry weight throughout the fight industry to this day, Delgadillo committed himself to learning the sport and taking a leap without a safety net. For Delgadillo, the uncertainty was something that intrigued him.

“I didn’t know what was going to be on the other side of that door, but I was ready to walk through it and find out…And I am grateful for how it turned out because boxing did so much for my career and my life,” he explains.

It was the commitment to the sport that made Delgadillo realize the traits he was learning inside the ring were transferrable to his everyday life, his career and his kids. “Absolutely, this is a way for me show my kids what commitment is. Putting yourself against a wall and challenging yourself to get out of a tough positions goes a long way. In boxing. My career. With my family,” he explains.

With his second professional fight fast approaching and a confident demeanor, Delgadillo treats every fight like his first and last, and knows that his ability to win convincingly will continue to pay dividends inside and outside of the ring.

“I treat every fight like a title fight…every fight is my Super Bowl,” Delgadillo explains.

IMG_0259 - Copy

Fight No. 2 – Female Junior Welterweight – 4 Rounds

“Beautiful” Brandy Badry (Edmonton, Canada)
Jillian Lybarger (Goodyear, AZ)

The ladies take center stage on the undercard of “Back to Business” with ex-MMA fighter and aspiring boxer Jillian Lybarger coming to town for the second time, following a tough loss to Haley Pasion in August. Lybarger’s previous fight with Bobby D was marred by weight issues that were discovered at the weigh-in, which saw Lybarger coming to town well over the contracted weight. However, for this bout, Lybarger will face off against Brandy Badry of Edmonton, Canada at what appears to be a more comfortable weight.

Badry, who is making her U.S. debut at “Back to Business” looked in shape and ready to fight at the weigh-in, which should prove to be a fun, physical fight.

IMG_0278 - Copy

Fight No. 1 – Lightweights – 4 Rounds

Isaac “Brave Son” Dogboe (Ghana)
Ronald Rodriguez (Pomona, CA)

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is located at 2270 Hotel Circle North, San Diego. “San Diego Fights” is presented by Bobby D. Presents with Mossy Automotive Group, Pepsi, Everlast, Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, DGS Construction and Car Czar. Doors open at 6:30pm with the first punch thrown at 7:30pm. For more info, please dial (619) 420-8866 or visit BobbyDPresents.net.

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