Bobby D Presents “Back in Business” – LIVE COVERAGE

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October 24, 2014 – 7:30 pm PT from the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Mission Valley

Local boxing in San Diego is back for another night of exciting action as legendary fight promoter and NABF Female Promoter of the Year, Bobby DePhilippis, brings fight fans a loaded card, which includes five fights, headlined by San Diego native Emmanuel “Renegade” Robles.

“Back in Business” will be rounded out with a handful of entertaining fights, which includes Ukrainian fighter and WBC #7 ranked Dmytro Kusher (21-1, 15KO) coming to town to take on Galen “Bad Boy” Brown from St. Louis, who has over 70 bouts under his belt.

In addition, local San Diego fighter, full-time family man and San Diego Gas & Electric lineman, Joe “The Bull” Delgadillo (1-0, 1KO), gets back into the ring for the second time to carry out his personal goal of being a positive example for himself, his family and his hometown as he takes on Tijuana native Edgar “Porky” Najera (0-2) in the always entertaining heavyweight division.

Unfortunately, the co-main event, which was headlined by local female boxer and rising star Amaris “Diamond Girl” Quintana, was cancelled due to apparent visa issues for her opponent who was traveling to San Diego from Mexico City.

Our boxing crew is in the building and covering the fights live. This will be our live fight coverage stream and will be updated as the fights happen with real-time coverage.

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LIVE FIGHT COVERAGE BELOW (updated after each bout)

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Main Event – Junior Welterweight –6 Rounds

Emmanuel “Renegade” Robles (San Diego, CA) – 139.75 lbs
Carlos Valenzuela (Ciudad Obregon, Mexico) – 140 lbs

Round 1: In the highly anticipated main event, local fighter Emmanuel Robles looked to continue winning as he took on brawler Carlos Valenzuela. The round had some very good back and forth action with both fighters pushing the action and trading punches. Robles found his jab late in the round and sent Valenzuela nearly through the ropes with a straight left to end the round.

Round 2: Robles immediately pushed the action in round 2 landing a hard left hook that sent Valenzuela to the ground for the first knockdown of the fight. Valenzuela’s gloves touched the ground as the referee gave the count. Valenzuela looked to survive the remainder of the round and threw wild punches to avoid Robles inside game.

Round 3: The third round did not lack action. Both men traded at will with Robles seemingly taking the round with a left hook late in the round that clearly hurt Valenzuela.

Round 4: After two rough exchanges to start the round, a mouse under the right eye of Valenzuela was forming and growing with each minute. Robles once again controlled the round, landed punches and showed some great slips to avoid punches from Valenzuela.

Round 5: In round five, with the fight hanging in the balance, Robles displayed some great footwork and defense, avoiding wild punches of desperation from Valenzuela. A questionable low blow by Robles caused a brief stop to the action. Robles continued to work inside and outside, winning the round on my card.

Round 6: The action did not stop in the final round as Robles, with a potential victory on the cards, continued to batter Valenzuela throughout the round.

Result: Emmanuel “Renegade” Robles UD (60-53, 59-54, 60-53)

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Co-Main Event – Cruiserweight – 8 rounds

Dmytro Kusher (Ukraine) – 196 lbs
Galen “Bad Boy” Brown (St. Louis, MO) – 200 lbs

Round 1 – 4: WBC #7 ranked technician Dymtro Kuchar showed some serious skills in the early goings as he tagged Brown at will behind a solid jab and left hook. Brown, who was welcoming the punches and dancing after being hit throughout the early rounds, consistently switched stances, but was unable to land anything of note.

Brown did show off some impressive dance moves throughout the fight and seemingly enjoyed getting hit in the face repeatedly. At one point in the fight, after a huge flurry from Kuchar that hurt Brown, you could hear the ring girls screaming in support of the Ukrainian. One of the ring girls didn’t appreciate Browns attempt to “turn up” and pleaded for Kuchar to end the fight. Almost on cue, Kuchar sent Brown to the canvas with a flurry of punches and hard straight right.

During the break between round four and five, Brown could not make it out to the ring and the fight was over with Kuchar walking away with an impressive victory.

Result: Dmytro Kuchar by TKO

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Fight No. 3 – Heavyweights – 4 rounds

Joe “The Bull” Delgadillo (San Diego, CA) – 238 lbs
Edgar Najera (Tijuana, Mexico) – 233 lbs

Round 1: The big boys continued the night of action as San Diego native and fan favorite Joe Degadillo entered the ring to a roar of cheers from the hometown fans. The first round started slow as both fighters threw jabs and flirted with some hooks. Both men landed on each other and Degadillo appeared to be cut in the middle of the round. With 12 seconds left in the round an exchange in the center of the ring led to Degadillo landing a huge left hook that sent Najera to the mat. Najera recovered and made it out of the round.

Round 2: In round two both men continued the battle with good back and forth action. Chant of “Porky” rang from the crowd as the Tijuana fan base showed their support for Najera. Towards the end of the round, Najera finally landed his left hook flush and sent Degadillo into the ropes. Both men survived the round and continued what was becoming a classic brawl.

Round 3: Another evenly matched round had the crowd watching closely for any big punch that could end the fight for either fighter. Najera continued to throw his left hook and Degadillo found a home for a straight right that landed multiple times. Delgadillo ended the round strong and looked to carry over the momentum into the final round.

Round 4: In the fourth and final round, both men were a bloody mess and continued to trade shots in the middle of the ring. Najera appeared tired and relied on his jab to avoid the onslaught of Degadillo throughout the round. With the round coming to a close it was difficult to tell who took the round, however, the early knockdown in favor of Delgadillo was the difference.

Result: Joe “The Bull” Degadillo (39-36, 38-37, 39-36)

IMG_0259 - Copy

Fight No. 2 – Female Junior Welterweight – 4 Rounds

“Beautiful” Brandy Badry (Edmonton, Canada) – 138 lbs
Jillian Lybarger (Goodyear, AZ) – 137 lbs

Round 1: The females took center stage in the second fight of the night as Jillian Lybarger from Arizona took on Canadian Brandy Badry in her U.S. debut. Lybarger, an ex-MMA fighter who is still finding her way around the ring as a boxer, threw more punches throughout the round, but failed to connect on most of them. Badry, conversely, played the round safe and landed the more accurate shots throughout the round.

Round 2: The second round became physical very fast as Lybarger seemed to transition back to the cage and engaged in several clinches that clearly bothered Badry. Lybarger was continually going in hard with her head and Badry began to hold in order to deflect the forearms and errant elbows.

Round 3: Things heated up again early in the third round as Lybarger finally found a home for her left hook. Lybarger continued to be active and her style clearly frustrated Badry who was on her heels and holding for most of the round. With the fight very close after three round, the fourth and final round would prove to be the determining round of the fight.

Round 4: With the fight hanging in the balance, both women gave it their all in the fourth and final round. Early in the round, Brandy Badry was deducted a point for holding and pushing, which clearly have Lybarger the advantage. With the clock ticking down Lybarger sent Badry down to the mat with a straight right with only one second remaining. The knockdown was before the bell and sent the crowd into a roar.

Result: Jillian Lybarger via UD

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Fight No. 1 – Lightweights – 4 Rounds

Isaac “Brave Son” Dogboe (Ghana) – 132.5 lbs
Ronald Rodriguez (Pomona, CA) – 134 lbs

Round 1: In the first round, the Olympian from Ghana was in complete control as he embarked on a vicious body attack that saw Rodriguez backpedaling for most of the round. Dogboe, a physical specimen, landed at will and leaned on a solid straight right to pop the head of Rodriguez back throughout the round.

Round 2: The second round was more of the same as the underdog Rodriguez stayed in the pocket despite being hit with three and four-punch combinations. Dogboe found a home for a vicious left hook throughout the round and finally one hard shot sent Rodriguez against the ropes and almost to the canvas. Rodriguez, who is tough as nails, gave it his best effort, however, the pressure and power of Dogboe was too much and the referee was forced to stop the fight.

Result: TKO, Round 2 – Referee stoppage

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