Fight Bytes: Michael Chandler – Firing on All Cylinders


Photograph and Video credit: Marissa Mortati

Our latest installment of “Fight Bytes” with current Bellator Lightweight contender Michael Chandler as he prepares for his highly anticipated rematch with Will Brooks at Bellator 131: Tito Ortiz v Stephan Bonnar, live from the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego on November 15.

In the movie industry, it is rare for hardcore movie fans to demand a sequel to the original film. For the most part, sequels are awful. However, there are a few movie franchises in which a sequel, or multiple sequels, provide for fantastic entertainment and forever cement the movies name in cinema history.

In the fight game, this fact is reversed. For the most part a sequel, or better yet a rematch, can be the ideal situation for everyone . . . the fighters, promotion and most importantly the fans.

Typically, after the first fight ends, the winner of the bout is questioned and critics begin to analyze as to whether or not they actually won the fight. For the loser, questions of why they didn’t win and what they would have done differently provide the perfect backdrop for going a few more rounds. And when the result of the first fight is controversial, the idea of a rematch arises before the post-fight press conference ends and only gains momentum as time goes on.

This summer, Michael Chandler (12-2), current Bellator lightweight contender, received news from his team that Bellator had closed the deal on a rematch bout between Chandler and current Bellator Lightweight Champion Will Brooks (14-1), a title Brooks earned by beating Chandler in five exciting rounds at Bellator 120 on May 17, 2014.

The first fight between Chandler and Brooks was littered in controversy before the fight even started as Chandler suffered an injury that prevented him from performing at 100%. Chandler, who refuses to settle on excuses, fought Brooks instead of backing out and loss a very close split decision that saw Brooks taking home the interim lightweight belt.

As Chandler went back to the drawing board and could only hope he would be afforded another shot at Brooks, the number one contender in the division, Eddie Alvarez who had to back out of the title fight in May [Chandler was scheduled to fight Alvarez in May] was released from his Bellator contract to move over to the UFC. This created a situation where a rematch between Chandler and Brooks made the most sense. The fight was made and Chandler would get his redemption shot in his hometown of San Diego on November 15 at Bellator 131.

Both Chandler and Brooks have made it publicly known that they are excited for the rematch, only adding to the excitement of what should be a highly competitive fight between two of MMA’s rising stars on a fight card that is headlined by two of the sports legends. If that isn’t a scene directly from a movie script, then I don’t know what is.

The stage has been set for Bellator 131 live from the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego. Full details can be found here:

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