Steve Orosco: Fighting Down Under

Several months ago we had the pleasure of sitting down with San Diego fighter Steve Orosco prior to his fight at XFS Cerebral. Well, Steve is preparing for another fight on Saturday…halfway around the world from us.

Orosco (7-0) will be making his debut for HEX Fight Series in Victoria, Australia on Saturday December 6 against Nick “Banjo” Patterson (14-4) in the Main Event of HEX Fight Series No. 1. Orosco, who primarily has fought at 170 lbs., will be dropping to 155 lbs. for this bout.

Photo Credit to Trent James and HEX
Photo Credit to Trent James and HEX

HEX was started by Trent James, who saw a need for more professional MMA promotions in Victoria. James’ aim is to stage the best and most professional MMA shows in Australia by bringing some of the biggest names from around the world and down under. James’ vision also includes treating fighters with the respect that is due to them.

“I’ve been around the fight scene for a long time and seen the way fighters have been poorly treated – from not getting paid, or not getting paid for months. Some promotions are built on false hope to young fighters who don’t know any better. I have started [HEX] to set the standard within Australia,” James explained.

With such a charismatic leader like James at the helm, it’s easy to see why HEX can attract great fighters. And when you take a look at Orosco’s past fights, it is also easy to see why HEX would want to sign him. James and Orosco share mutual friends and they alerted James about Orosco. As soon as James did some research into Orosco and saw how quickly he finished his fights, he knew he needed to sign Orosco to fight at HEX Fight Series No. 1.

James sees the fight between Orosco and Patterson as a very tough call. Orosco finished all 7 of his prior opponents in the first round, but this fight will be a tougher test for him. “Nick [Patterson] is the best unsigned lightweight in the country. Steve is a very explosive fast finisher with a perfect 7-0 record. I don’t see this fight going the distance,” James said.

James acknowledged that there are some challenges that come along with marketing an international fighter who might not be as well known as famous UFC vet. But James knows that the U.S. fighters are known for their high-level fighting skills, so it was a no-brainer for him to test his local fighters against those from the states. And to that end, we are proud that San Diego’s very own Steve Orosco will get to showcase his talent at HEX on the international stage.

Photo Credit to Trent James and HEX Fight Series
Photo Credit to Trent James and HEX Fight Series

As we know in this industry, sponsors are crucial to the success of promotional companies. They keep the lights on and allow the promoters to organize the fights that you and I love watching. HEX recently inked a deal with, which is offering a deal to provide bonuses to people who sign up and use the code HEX250. James would also like to give a shout out to clothing line Mata Leao who support HEX fighters with training gear and casual wear. Sting supplies all HEX fighting gloves and other gear, and Casonato Lawyers deal with all business law for HEX.

Be sure to follow the results of HEX Fight Series No. 1, as this is an excellent opportunity for all parties involved and promises to be an outstanding night of fights.

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