Fighting for a Cause: Kris “The Jerk” Bruno


Photo Credit: Evan Shoman, XFS

Our interview with Undisputed El Cajon mixed martial artist Kris “The Jerk” Bruno as he prepares for his fight on January 17 at XFS “Hurricane” and shows us what it means to fight for something bigger.

For most of us, life can be a constant fight. And each day can present new challenges that make the ideal outcome of the fight seem unimaginable. But still, we fight. Again and again we continue to scratch and claw for a victory. Whether it is for a promotion at work, a perfect grade on an exam, or for a professional fighter a victory inside the cage, we strive to achieve our goals and win the fights that face us every day.

And when we fight, we fight for our own reasons, the well-being of our families and in some cases we fight for something, or someone, who may need help battling their own fight. On January 17, at Xplode Fight Series (XFS), Kris Bruno (3-0), a local mixed martial artist, will do his best to earn a victory inside the cage while donating his ticket and sponsorship earnings to a family that has become an extension of his own.

One week ago, Kris Bruno, who trains at Undisputed El Cajon with well-respected San Diego fighter Andy “The Tooth Fairy” Murad, took to social media to communicate his commitment to a young girl who is fighting her own battle. A battle most Americans know about all too well.

“This fight I decided I wanted to do my part for the gym . . . for a little girl (Julia) who has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma,” Bruno explains. He adds, “I just decided that I really wanted to do something for someone else.”

To read about what Kris Bruno’s is fighting for and what you can do to help, please visit Julia’s page and follow her Facebook page

After meeting with Bruno, I was fortunate enough to learn more about Bruno’s introduction to martial arts, his goals as a fighter and most importantly what he has committed to the young girl he is trying to help through a very tough time.

Bruno explained to me that this cause is important to him and that everyone can help the cause with a small donation. “I will be donating 100% of my ticket profit to the family and 100% of any sponsors that I get for this fight. Anyone who is willing to sponsor can truly help this cause,” Bruno explains. He adds, “There are couple different ways to donate. They have fundraisers and a website where you can make a donation . . . but right now I am trying to sell all of my tickets and get sponsors for this little girl.”

Like many fighters, Bruno started martial arts at a young age. Beginning with karate and eventually kickboxing, Bruno made the transition to MMA shortly thereafter, fighting in San Diego and Mexico as an amateur and professional. With his goals set high, Bruno hopes to extend his win streak on January 17, and attack the next chapter of his MMA career the only way he knows how . . . with tenacity, drive and a deep appreciation of what life has afforded him through his own journey as a fighter.

“It has been a learning experience. Honestly, it is a different world. Some people look at it from the outside and think it is a wild and crazy thing, but it is a fun sport. It is competitive and I really enjoy it,” Bruno explains.

When discussing his future in the sport, Bruno knows that the year ahead is important. “I am making strides to make a run at a major promotion. I am hoping that the next year will help make my case. I want to show that I am a name in this sport,” he tells me during our interview.


For Bruno, the ensuing battle inside of the cage on January 17 at XFS “Hurricane” is an important step in the progression of his career. But before he can step into the cage, Bruno knows that selling tickets, earning sponsors and sending people to the website for Julia can be an important factor in helping her family get through these tough times.

“I have two kids myself and hearing what the family is going through, I couldn’t imagine either one of my sons having to deal with that, let alone having to financially deal with it. And also trying to be there for my child . . . I just couldn’t imagine it and I would just hope that people would do the same as I am trying to do for them,” Bruno explains.

Typically, the opportunity to tell a short story like Bruno’s are few and far between. The vision of THEFIGHTVOICE remains the same: meet the fighters in San Diego who dedicate their lives to their craft and tell the interesting stories of these men and women. The stories are never the same. That is what fuels us as writers and this story is no different. If one of our readers is inspired by Bruno’s commitment, buys a ticket or makes a donation, then we did our job.

Kris Bruno’s fight on January 17 is important. It is important for Bruno as a fighter, his family, his team at Undisputed El Cajon, and as Bruno would tell you, most importantly for a little girl who can use some help from all of you. A little girl that needs some more people in her proverbial corner . . . a role Kris Bruno is happy to take on.

To learn more about the cause Kris Bruno is supporting for his fight at XFS “Hurricane” please visit Kris Bruno will be donating 100% of his personal earnings from ticket sales and sponsorship money to the Garmo family. Help Kris Bruno sell his tickets for XFS “Hurricane” and if you are a San Diego business, contact Kris directly for potential sponsorship opportunities. Follow Kris Bruno on Facebook and check out Undisputed El Cajon at

Special thanks to Kris Bruno, Andy Murad and the Undisputed El Cajon family.

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