Episode #5 Part 1: Trophies Are For Winners

In Episode #5, Part 1 of the “Going Down Swinging” podcast, things get deep as the fellas debate the James Harrison story and the recent profile on Real Sports, which highlights our countries need to award every kid with participation trophies and the lasting effect it will have on the greatest nation in the world. Also, in the most exciting interview of the year, John Paulsen, Sr. Editor of 4for4Football.com, the nation’s premier fantasy football expert, gives us the low-down on the upcoming 2015 fantasy football season.

If you want to fast-forward to the fight talk, tune into Part 2, which is coming soon!

In other sports talk, we discuss the breaking news across the NFL, banter about our beloved San Diego Chargers and Jerry gets a little animated when Jared from Subway enters the conversation.

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Episode #5 part 1

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Special thanks to John Paulsen, Sr. Editor of 4for4Football.com for making an appearance and dropping some fantasy football knowledge. Follow John @4for4_John on Twitter and check out http://www.4for4football.com for everything fantasy football.

As always, visit http://www.thefightvoice.com for the latest in local combat sports, follow us on Twitter @thefightvoice, Instagram, “Like” us on Facebook at Fight.Voice and check out our YouTube channel. Contact us at thefightvoice@gmail.com with questions and to inquire on advertising opportunities.

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