Episode #9: Boom Goes The Dynamite!

The fight talk is back in full effect this week on Episode #9 of the “Going Down Swinging” podcast as the fellas discuss everything from Nick Diaz, Bellator, Glory and San Diego’s own Xplode Fight Series as title contender Alex Higley joins the show just days out from his fight.

With recent news of UFC veteran Nick Diaz’s 5 year suspension hitting the airwaves, Matt and Jerry call their Northern California correspondent Dave to discuss what this breaking news will have on the UFC and Diaz’s career.

This week, Bellator and Glory join forces for one of the most unique combat sports events to ever take place as “Dynamite” comes to San Jose, CA with a title fight between Tito Ortiz and Liam McGeary, a four-man tournament featuring ex-UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis and the return of Paul Daley to the Glory stage.

Lastly, Alex Higley of San Diego joins the show to discuss his upcoming fight at XFS: Payback, Saturday, September 19, his new business venture and what fighting means to him.

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Episode #9

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Thanks to Alex Higley for taking some time to join the show.  Follow Alex on Facebook, search for Higley Fit Martial Arts for all things combat sports, fitness and cross-training in San Diego and be sure to follow Alex on Instagram at alex_higgs_higley.  Contact Alex for tickets to XFS: Payback by contacting him on Facebook.

Thanks to Dave, our independent correspondent for joining the show to give us the low-down in Stockton California.

Special thanks to all of our listeners! We are here for you so contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.

Photo Credit to the one and only Courtney Henderson.

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