Episode #35: “Gigolos” star Nick Hawk

Washington…Jefferson…Roosevelt…Lincoln…Hawk.  In honor of President’s Day, on Episode #35 of the “Going Down Swinging” podcast, the fellas welcome a unique guest to the show.  That’s right folks, we had the pleasure of chatting with Nick Hawk, the star of Showtime’s hit reality show, “Gigolos,” about everything under the sun.  Nick Hawk is a U.S. veteran, die-hard Packers fan, rapper, gigolo, author, jiu-jitsu champion, confidence coach and overall good guy who continues to accept the challenges of life with an open mind and good attitude.

Nick discussed everything from the AVN awards, to medaling at the jiu-jitsu World’s, writing music and leading the life of a true renaissance man.  Also, Nick Hawk recently released his new music video “We Fight,” which can be below!

Episode with Nick Hawk



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You can follow Nick on Twitter and Instagram @thenickhawk.  Check out Nick’s website at http://www.nickhawkexplicit.com for everything “Hawk” related.

Make sure to tune into “Gigolo’s” on Showtime on March 17, 2016 for the season 6 premiere and most importantly check out Nick’s new video “We Fight,” which can be found here!

About the “We Fight” video:

Shot in Las Vegas on a dry lake bed, at the peak of the nearby Red Rock mountains, a fighting ring and on the streets of Las Vegas; the high impact clip is being promoted by Hip Video Promo, a New Jersey based company that has promoted over 2000 videos from, according to their website, “some of the best of the best amongst indie nation, as well as some of the most well-known artists on the music industry landscape.” Some of these artists include Maroon 5, Bon Iver, Paramore, Sharon Jones, Sia, 30 Seconds To Mars, Pearl Jam, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Spoon, The B-52’s, Korn, Motley Crue, Moby and Johnny Cash

Nick Hawk Bio:

From his small town roots in Madison, WI, Nick Hawk has been working tirelessly to transform himself from a lower middle class kid into an international celebrity who  counts a four year tour in the military, graduated college with an English major focused on creative writing, then  headed west to Hollywood where we started his company ExplicitStrippers.com. He studied acting and hosting for five years before accepting his role on ‘Gigolos.’

Nick is currently working on a few new tracks including ‘Breakin’ A Sweat’ and pitching a few new TV show concepts.  Be sure to keep an eye out for Nick Hawk’s book in late 2016!
About Gigolos:
Season 6 of “Gigolos,” starring Nick Hawk, launches March 17.  “Gigolos” chronicles the lives and the camaraderie of Cowboys4Angels.com top earners.  The show has become one of Showtime’s top television shows.  “We have turned the show into more of an adult comedy than anything and I’m happy to make people laugh” said Hawk.
Special thanks to Asia Willis and Steve Levesque at LUCK Media & Marketing Inc. for setting up the interview.

Pour yourself three fingers of the good stuff, put the world on mute and soak it in…because we are here to stay.

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