Episode #36: Billy Corben

He is an American documentary film director, creator, and co-founder of Miami-based studio Rakontur, which is responsible for the awarding winning films Cocaine Cowboys, ESPN 30 for 30 “The U,” “The U Part 2,” and “Broke,” as well as “Dawg Fight”, the world-renowned documentary that followed the underground bare-knuckle backyard fighting of West Perrine, Florida.

On Episode #36 of the “Going Down Swinging” podcast, Billy Corben stops by to discuss his amazing documentary, “Dawg Fight”, and his relationship with co-headliner Dhafir “Dada 5000” Harris who makes his Bellator MMA debut Friday, February 19 at Bellator 149 in Houston, Texas against internet sensation Kimbo Slice.

Corben breaks some serious news only on the “Going Down Swinging” podcast as he officially announces  the sequel, “Dawg Fight 2 (Round Two),” which is starting production this week!  This is news you can only get at http://www.thefightvoice.com!

Also, the fellas discuss the entire Bellator 149 card, some important news in the UFC, Peyton Manning and dissect the real truth behind President’s Day and its relationship to the infamous Mt. Rushmore mountain range.

Episode #36_ with Billy Corben


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Pour yourself three fingers of the good stuff, put the world on mute and soak it in…because we are here to stay.  Special thanks to Alison Ellis for connecting us with Billy and most importantly thank you to Bill Corben for taking the time to join the show.  As always, visit http://www.thefightvoice.com for the latest in local combat sports, follow us on Twitter @thefightvoice, Instagram, “Like” us on Facebook at Fight.Voice, Periscope @thefightvoice and check out our YouTube channel.
Photo Credit: Bellator MMA, Lucas Noonan

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