Episode #39: Helen Yee, Host of “Eyes On The Game”

Houston, Texas is 1,467 miles from the Fight Voice Studios. It also happens to be the current location for one Matthew J. Greco, co-founder and lifeblood of the Fight Voice. In the hands of two lesser media personalities, that would be a problem. Fortunately, we stepped up our game, poured the cocktails, and recorded this episode over the phone and across the country!

On Episode #39 of the “Going Down Swinging” podcast, the guys were blessed to welcome on Helen Yee, host of Eyes On The Game on NBC Sports 920 am in Las Vegas. Helen breaks down the aftermath of UFC 196 and what the future holds for Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, Holly Holm, Miesha Tate, and Ronda Rousey. Follow her on IG, Twitter and Facebook @helenyeesports.

The guys provide their own insight to the historic card that boasted two monumental upsets. Matt recounts the play-by-play as Jerry turned from nervous wreck into the happiest man on planet 209 after Diaz’ historic win. And guess what? There’s a fair amount of drinking talk on this episode, and Matt maybe even takes a little trip down to the hotel bar to refuel mid-podcast!

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Photo Credit: Helen Yee
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