Episode #51

On Episode #51 of the “Going Down Swinging” podcast, the fellas are joined by friend-of-show and the proverbial third-leg of the GDS tripod, Harvey Castellano to recap the amazing UFC 199 card from Saturday evening, the drama the ensured inside the cage and on media row, what Muhammad Ali meant to the the sports world and society as a whole and the unfortunate passing of another combat sports athlete in Kevin Ferguson (aka Kimbo Slice) who passed away late Monday evening.

The UFC 199 fight card provided to be one for the ages as one of the biggest upsets in UFC history went down and veteran Michael Bisping earned a much-deserved title of Luke Rockhold.  Dominick Cruz cruised to a victory over Faber and Max Holloway made his presence known.  Also, the media drama with Ariel Helwani and the UFC took the shine away from two massive announcements that took place Saturday night as Nate Diaz v Conor McGregor II was made and the return of Brock Lesnar shook the internet.

The guys also touched on the insanely drunken night that followed the fight card and left some mystery behind the conversation that ensued.

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Episode 51


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