Episode #57: UFC 202, Sam Alvey and Jason Weiner

As Rocky Balboa famously said in the intelligently named sixth edition of the series, “Rocky Balboa” (what a brain teaser that title was to come up with), “it’s not how hard you get knocked down, but how you get back up!”  And back up we are folks…with force!  Thats right after a two week hiatus that had the Fight Voice crew doing some deep soul-searching we are coming back stronger than ever to fill your ears with nonsense, knowledge and blue comedy.

On Episode #57 of the “Going Down Swinging” podcast the fellas jump back into the studio with the third leg of the tripod, local MMA matchmaker, combat sports fan and proud Filipino Harvey Castellano.  We start fast and furious on this episode breaking down all things UFC 202, Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz and much much more.

Also, we have exclusive interviews with Sam Alvey and Jason Weiner.  Sam Alvey fights Kevin Casey at UFC Fight Night Vancouver in ten days and discusses everything from his upcoming fight to the inspiration that is his teammate Dan Henderson.  Jason Weiner, promoter for Up N’ Comers, also stops by to talk about his show which goes down Friday at Harrah’s Southern California.

Join the party folks.

As always, check us out on iTunes an Soundcloud, or simply listen using the link below.

Episode 57


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