Episode #63: UFC 204 Preview and Bellator’s A.J. Matthews

On Episode #63 of the “Going Down Swinging” podcast the fellas once again avoid the perils of the studio and venture out among the civilians to record the podcast at the famed RedFox Room in central San Diego.   After missing a week of the show, we cram several topics into a short podcast for your listening pleasure.

We talk about the aftermath of the UFC 205 New York card that was announced last week and preview the exciting rematch between Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson this Saturday at UFC 204 from Manchester England.

Also, Bellator’s AJ Matthews joins the show at the 28:00 minute mark to talk about his upcoming fight against Hisakari Kato on October 21 from Memphis.

Photo Credit: Courtney Henderson Photography

Lastly, we touch on the Kim Kardashian situation and why in the hell are their clowns terrorizing people?  We break it all down.

Join the party folks.

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