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October 22, 2018

We are excited to announce that The FightVoice is launching a new podcast called FightVoice Radio, which will air episode number one this week!

The Fight Voice has been covering MMA, boxing and combat sports from a unique point of view bringing original thought, breaking news, and interviews from around the industry.

FightVoice Radio will air on ITunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher and iHeartRadio.

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Use the hashtag #fightvoiceradio to see and hear what’s new!

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Fightvoice Radio:     @thefightvoice

Twitter:                       @thefightvoice


Contact us at: 

Where to Find Us:

Fightvoice Radio is a proud partner of the Podngine Network, which includes a variety of sports, culture and news podcasts. Visit to subscribe, follow and listen to all of their podcasts. Podngine, “Making Podcasts Go!”


Fightvoice Radio is recorded from the “On The Ball Media” studios in San Diego. Check out On The Ball Media at for all of your website design, branding and marketing needs.

About Fightvoice Radio:
Fightvoice Radio is a combat sports podcast hosted by Matt Greco of The Fightvoice and covering the world of mma, boxing, breaking news, opinion and interviews from around the industry. 

Fightvoice Radio strives to cover combat sports in a unique way, offering new and original thought, groundbreaking interviews and creates an open platform for fans to interact.

The motto of has always been “Your Fight, Your Voice.” Fightvoice Radio will continue to embrace this vision and highlight the interesting people, storylines and fights; past, present and future.

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