The Fight Voice strives to give FIGHT FANS a forum to consume fight news, discuss breaking stories and show their support for fighters around the globe.  The Fight Voice will report professional Fight news, preview and recap results of major fights, and give unbiased opinions on everything MMA and Boxing.

While The Fight Voice will always discuss national fight news from the UFC, Boxing and international Muay Thai events, the primary goal of The Fight Voice is to give local San Diego talent a platform to make their names known.

The Fight Voice will connect local Fighters with Gyms, Promoters and most importantly…the Fans.  Fighters, Gyms and Promoters deserve credit for giving Fans the best Fights in town and they should be entitled to…a Fighter’s Voice.

The Fight Voice asks that readers, followers and believers “Like” us on Facebook at Facebook.com/FightVoice, follow us on Twitter at @thefightvoice and read our blog at www.thefightvoice.com.  To contribute to the site as a guest writer or for fighters, gyms and promotional companies who desire coverage on our site, please contact Matt or Jerry at thefightvoice@gmail.com.

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